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The Best Card For Everyone

I LOVE Discover! Someone stole my credit card information a few months ago and Discover worked quickly to fix the problem. They even gave me advice about going to the police. I have been with them since I began college, and it is the ideal card for students. It is really great for everyone!


Great card for rewards and awesome customer service

I’ve had my Discover card for almost 5 years. It started out as a Discover More card and I had it changed over to the Discover IT. I got 18 months zero APR on balance transfers, which was one of the longest offers are the time. The 5% reward categories rotate every quarter, but they always have gas for one quarter and some years they even have it twice. So that’s 5% cash back on gas for half the year! Plus, you always get 1% cash back on everything else.
I love that the customer service is based in America, so anytime that I need something or have a question then I always know I’ll get someone who can help and easily understand my problem. The cash back rewards can either be sent as a check, statement credit or my personal favorite - use on They recently just started giving your FICO score on statements, so that’s just a cool bonus to have to free. I have a bunch of credit cards, but this is the only card that I can say I’ve never had any issues with and the customer service has always been great.


My Discover card is exceptional

I love my Discover it card. I’ve never had any issue with it and I got a great interest rate on it. The selling point for me was the identity theft prevention. I also get a daily email that lets me know if there has been any changes to my credit.


Great card with good cashback!

Since I have had Discover IT, I’ve really found it to be the best credit card I’ve owned during the last several years. Why? Because not only is it pretty much accepted everywhere, with the odd exclusion of a small chain or the odd restaurant, it has a fast cashback turnaround. Within 60 days, most often sooner, my cashback is in my account.

I really like the rewards online, with most stores giving 5% cashback, some even 10%. There are also other rewards, seasonal, where you can earn cashback on things like gas, and other things. It’s my favorite card to use. On every single purchase you make you get 1% cashback, every time. Love this card.


Fabulous cashback on popular categories but best for use in the US

This is a fantastic credit card for anyone. It offers 5% cashback in categories that people often spend in, which change quarterly. For example, during the holiday season, the cashback bonus was for online shopping, which I did a lot of in preparation for the holidays. Right now it is for gas, which I buy a lot. Until recently, a card holder had to wait until they had $20 in cashback to redeem as a statement credit, but now they can apply any amount right back to their statement payment. Additionally, cardholders can choose to use that cashback for purchases on Amazon, which is quick and easy to set up; I’ve paid for items with cashback many times. This is my favorite card to use, with the best rewards, and I often recommend it to people. The only downside is that a few merchants still don’t accept it, particular those overseas.


Great rewards card

I have had this card for 5 years now ad have no complaints. This card allows me to get a cash back bonus without jumping through any hoops or only being able to use the rewards on certain items. I get more rewards for certain things like movies or amusement parks for certain months. They also allow me to customize my card which I love. You can choose from many different choices of backgrounds and really make your card your own. Finally, their customer service is great. Whenever I have a question or a problem they are always helpful, understanding, and friendly. The customers service reps are always willing to spend time with me to solve my problem.


Great card for cashbcak

Discover It gives great cashback. 1% on everything and 5% quarterly on certain purchases gives me more cashback than BankofAmerica. I wish they had better gas deals. I like Amazon credit too.


Discover It–Perfect Card For Low Credit

Discover card I am very pleased so far. I’ve had it for little over a year. When I first signed up for it my credit score was’nt very high and they still gave me a card with $1000 credit limit. I made a couple payments on it, I believe it was more than minimum payment due. After I made those first couple payments Discover raised my credit limit $500.00 which brought it up to $1500.00. Also I like the fact they show your credit score with every statement each month.

I haven’t had a situation where I had to call customer service so I can’t really say how they are. I assume those commercials I see about talking to a person is true. I have gone online to check things out like my balance, credit score etc & pay my bill with no problem.


This card is great.

I love this card and it’s features. The rewards program is awesome and I use it all the time. The security feature is offers are also great. If there is ever an issue I need only call customer service and everything is taken care of quickly and without question.


Discover the Best with Discover It, for New & Seasoned Credit Card Owners.

I applied for the Discover It card after I graduated from college in an attempt to boost my credit score. At the time, I had lived in various situations in which I lacked sufficient information that was traditionally required to apply: I had no utilities in my name, had moved several times in the past few months (due to some building issues at other arrangements), and was definitely on the lower-end of the employment scale. However, when I was talking to the representative, she was very understanding and eventually set me up with a decent credit limit. The card arrived not two days later. Since then, I have been nothing but pleased with my Discover It card.

Gone are the days where you hear “Sorry, we don’t take Discover.” In fact, I believe I’ve been told that twice in the couple years I’ve owned this card. It’s widely accepted and with the monthly 5% cash back programs, I’ve been able to rack up enough money to fund a road trip down South. On top of that, when I accidentally forgot a payment the Customer Service Rep understood and immediately waived the late fee, avoiding any drop in my credit. The free FICO score has made it much easier to apply to apartments, and now that the cash-back feature has no limit to the amount you can withdraw I officially have nothing I could complain about. For a new credit card owner, this card has made the process simple, understandable, and has greatly quelled any fears I had at ruining my own credit from inexperience. I have already recommended this card to several people, and they are equally satisfied with the Discover company.


Great card for young adults

This card offers some features that were new to me but are more and more common among credit providers. These standard options include online billpay, credit monitoring, and cashback incentives. There was an incentive bonus (Amazon gift card) and some introductory credit rate and balance transfer options. Overall I would say the features that are my favorite are a highly interactive website that is user friendly. I like that when I call up their customer service I get an actual person who is seemingly very well trained to be friendly, actually answer my questions, and taking care of my problems. Another benefit of this card was it allowed me to use my reward points towards to purchase a great number of items from gift cards to travel miles. My one complaint on their reward options includes how they have manditory minimums for rewards accumulated before you can cash out your rewards. Other card services I’ve had have allowed me to cash out rewards whether at 1.00 or 100.00. Overall I’d say my experience is very positive and I DO recommend Discover to my friends and family.


An excellent credit card everyone

I am very pleased with my Discover card, the cashback bonuses are always practical and now there is no minimum amount required to apply my bonus to my bill. I also love that Discover prints my credit score right on my statement – very convenient.


Amazing credit card for those starting out

The Discover It credit card is actually one of the best choices to consider when first starting out with credit cards; the company is very likely to approve your registration even with an okay/fair credit rating, and they approve relatively quickly (almost immediately). When signing up for the first time, you’ll end up with their introduction APR (0%) which lasts a full year; a similar process also applies to their balance transfers but that is 18 months. For first time credit users, this is a great choice to get started and build your credit up; they’re more likely to take a chance with new credit users than most other companies that I am aware of.


Excellent card with many perks

I love my Discover IT card. The best thing is the customer service. I’ve never waited more than 3 minutes when calling their customer service. Everyone is always helpful and friendly. The perks is another great thing. The cash back rewards is one of the best. I travel often and not having any foreign transaction fees is a big bonus for me. Other perks such as rental car insurance and product price matching, which is all included for free is great.

The only downside of Discover is that not all merchants accept it. Mastercard and Visa are accepted pretty much everywhere. Many small businesses don’t accept Discover because of their higher fees. But I carry another card for these instances.


Great Cash Back Rewards Card

I received the Discover It card from a refer a friend request. The refer a friend program paid a reward to the person referring the card as well as a reward to the new card applicate after a predetermined length of time.
I like the card’s everyday cash back program as well as the cash back programs that you signup for throughout the year. Also I have had a pleasant experience with Shop Discover to earn additional cash back rewards. Shop Discover allows access to third party wed sites that provide increased cash back for purchases for select retailers.
Discover sent a Starbucks gift card as a thank you just for being a customer.
I like the online account menu to access everything about your account. It is simple to use and easy to understand.
The only negative comment about the Discover It card would be the difficulty in remembering to sign up for their changing cash back rewards. The everyday rewards are always effective but in order to take advantage of the special promotional cash back you need to remember to signup.
I have changed my habits and have for the most part made the Discover It card my exclusive choice for purchases.


Overall great CC

I got an offer in the mail for the Discover It card humane society card. I decided to apply because I am working on building my credit, but I wanted a card that would offer rewards, and I liked the 1% cash back and the revolving 5% cashback options. I got approved for a $1600 card to start. I really like the features of the card including first late payment fee waived, access to my FICO credit score, and the handy app.


Save with every swipe

I do fully utilize my Discover it credit card. My card provides 2% cash back on every purchase, as well as 5% on certain purchases every 4 months. One 5% cash back special was on gas. What a very efficient item to put the 5% special on. These are the reasons I love my Discover it card, I really feel like I save when I use it.


Discover IT Card - Great second or third card to have

Discover IT is a great card for anyone to have after getting another card that is a Visa or Master. The biggest drawback of the Discover card is that there are not that many places that accept Discover. If you can use it, Discover has solid cash back and usually a fairly good sign up bonus (fixed amount bonus or zero interest rate). Another bonus is that Discover also offers monthly FICO scores, which can incentivize you to be on good financial behavior.
If you travel to East Asia a lot, Discover’s partnership with Diner’s Club can be beneficial. Discover is might be more widely accepted than Visa or Master in certain countries because of the partnership.


Great card with excellent customer service

I have had great experience with my Discover It card. Every month the card provides me with my current credit score. In addition to that score I also receive a breakdown of where I am doing well and where I need to do better to improve my score. Once I found a couple of unauthorized purchases on my card. I quickly called customer service and was connected to a representative within one minute. After a 10 minutes phone call it was completely taken care of, no questions asked. My card was immediately closed and a new card was sent out in 2 days.
Discover’s website is also very easy to use, I can do everything from increasing my credit line to redeeming cashback credits. And if I need customer support, Discover website offers live chat who can quickly answer my questions.


Great customer service

My husband and myself have had the Discover IT card for about 18 moths. We have it for travel purchases and unexpected small household expenses. I was impressed at how easy it was to get ahold of a rep to go through the application process. We actually got ahold of a real person rather quickly and they were very helpful with picking the right product for our needs.

We were approved quickly and the process of receiving our new cards went very quickly. We have used the card several times while traveling with no problems. We have had an occasion to carry a small balance, and with the low interest rates, that was not a budget buster. We have had to call customer service once and we were very happy with how quickly our issue was resolved. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable card with great customer service