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Good Card for Bargain Hunters

I recently received the Discover ‘It’ card and it has been great. My reasons for choosing this card are as follows:

  • The Discover ‘It’ card + Amazon. I can apply Discover reward points toward new purchases at Amazon. I also receive extra incentive [3x reward points] when making purchases through Amazon. I can also use earned reward points to help pay off the balance [best use of points!]
  • The ‘Shop Discover’ store. Certain retailers provide bonus reward points when making purchases through the Shop Discover website. The number and type of retailers rotate each quarter, so for example, home improvement retailers might be this quarter, and clothing/jewelry retailers might be next quarter. Most rewards are in the 2-5% cashback bonus range, though some are as high as 10-20% bonus!
  • The Discover card also provides price protection guarantees. This program is popular around the holidays because it allows the purchaser to make purchases ahead of well-advertised sales [think Black Friday], and have the difference refunded. No more waiting in line for out-of-stock ‘doorbuster’ deals!


Great all around card

It’s a credit card. Really, the only thing that can make a credit card better than another is a good intrest rate,a great balance transfer rate or an outstanding rewards program.
The Discover card fits all three requirements, it has a good interest rate, a zero percent balance transfer and an outstanding rewards program.


Thank you Discover, we finally made it!

I have nothing but good things to say about this card. When my husband and I received the offer in the mail, we knew we had finally fixed our broken credit. The terms seemed too good to be try. One year with no APR, cash-back, 11% APR after the first 12 months, free credit report on every bill statement. We really though it was a mistake and we would never qualify. We decided to give it a shot and not only were approved but found approved with a 8% APR! We also found out our credit rating had gone up over 100 points in the last year. We were also granted huge credit limit.

We use the card sparingly because we want to maintain that fantastic credit score. With the purchases we have made, we have had no problems. The bills are easy to read and I look forward to getting them to see what our credit score has climbed to. They also include great information on the bills. From that, I found out we can also use our cash-back towards your monthly payments.

This card has made my husband and I feel as if we finally accomplished our main goal of improving our credit. We finally made it, we have succeeded. I would recommend Discover, without hesitation, to any one that asked.


Great overall first credit card

This is the first credit card I got and the process was easy despite my credit score. This card really helped me improve my credit score for years to come. The customer service is great and the website is simple to use. It also has decent rewards with good cash back.


Great rewards and even better perks

I am very pleased with my Discover It card. First off, I love that the card itself has the numbers on the back. I’ve always felt that conventional cards are more vulnerable with the numbers exposed. Secondly, the rewards program is great. Unlike other credit card rewards programs that only allow you to spend your points on things that require you to spend even more money on top of those points, the It card gives you the option of pure cash back. It will even let you apply your cash back rewards to your bill which I find really convenient.

Another thing I love about this card is the free FICO credit score. I like that I can access my FICO score whenever I like without being scared about negatively impacting my credit by requesting a completely separate score. The site is very easy to navigate and it’s easy to find where my FICO score is available on the site.


I Love This Card!

I like this credit card better than any other card I’ve ever had. It has the best customer service plus it gives monetary rewards that are easy to collect.


Works for everyone

Discover it card have couple of favorite thing. First of all there is no annual fee, cash back on all purchase, 5% cash back on rotating rewards(Fuel,restaurant) and we can earn more rewards With Shop Discover. simple steps to redeem cash back.


Terrible idea to give a student a credit card, period. There going to have enough dedt with student loans, which is at a reasonable interest rate. I would dare recommend this someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp on capital

I got the Discover Card mainly for the cash back % it gives on purchases. It looked fine it, it worked fine. It was your everyday credit card and how you expected it to work, which I think is a plus. The one draw back I found with the card, is my families habit to say put it on his card that way we can get cash back, we did this even when we had cash in hand for the purchases. We said we would pay it off in a month. Well, month comes and where owing about $1000 dollars. That was quite a shock. I would advise against this card, because of the incentive of to just keeping using the card for purchases and not keeping tabs on those purchases compounds the issue. After charging that much I think I only earned $12 dollars in cash back. So I would not recommend this card to people without telling them this story first.


Decent card, good for young adults.

This was my second credit card. It started off great but then I started receiving call asking about why the got the card. This happened on more than one occasion. They always stated that the were will Discover card, and when I asked to stop receiving calls from them they claimed they had to call for surveys.
Other than the calls I have had no problems at all. I do wish that there was a reward program, but I suppose that was my fault for not signing up for it.


Flexible Cash Back Card

I’ve had experience with Discover for about 6 years now. One of my friends told me they loved their Discover Card, and that I should check it out. I agreed, and the Discover It Card soon became my primary credit card. The great thing I like about the card is I always get 1% cash back on my purchases, and 5% on different monthly categories (like gas, groceries, entertainment, etc). I am able to use my Discover cash back on amazon if I want, or I can have them apply the cash back to my existing balance. Not having to deal with the hassle of “points” or being able to cash out only in certain stores, I’ve been a big fan.

One of the drawbacks I’ve seen from using Discover Cards is the occasional restaurant that doesn’t accept Discover. For the person who likes trying new restaurants and stores all the time, you may encounter this issue occasionally. Personally, I stick with the same places for most of my monthly expenses, so I generally don’t have problems. I always have a backup Visa though just in case.


A card that offers great benefits and exceptional customer service.

I have had my Discover It card for a little over a year now and I could not be happier. During this time, I enjoyed a 0% interest rate period which allowed me to make a few large purchases without paying any interest. The benefits are great and better than with any other card I considered. The 5% cash back on quarterly categories really adds up and I always enjoy a 1% cash back bonus on all other purchases.
The customer service at Discover is truly exceptional. The few times I’ve had to call them, an agent based in the US answered right away. Not only were they very courteous, they were able to quickly assist me and resolve all my concerns to my satisfaction.


Perfect first credit card

This was my first credit card. I was never able to get approved for one before, due to my lack of credit history, but Discover approved me and gave me a low limit to start out with. Also, this card has 0% interest for the first 14 months and many ways to earn cash back which I have been really enjoying; As long as I pay my bill on time, it’s like they’re paying me to use their card. They have a great mobile app to use along with your card to help you manage your account and pay your bill. They also provide you with your FICO credit score.


Good card to build credit

This was my first major credit card that I opened after college. I got 12 months interest free, which was a large driving point. Discover also offered low rates on balance transfers. They have great customer service with the card. The only drawback is that it is not accepted in all locations, but most places that take credit will accept it.


Great Customer Service

I have had a Discover card for many years. I first got it as a young student, as an alternative to my Visa. I have kept it because they have offered me a great customer experience.

Whenever I have to call Discover, they are easy to talk to. They have helped me through fraud scares, and have helped me with my travels abroad. Contrasting with other companies that I have dealt with, they make things go smoothly. I have never had to complain about my experience with Discover. I also love their online platform. It is just as easy as calling them, and a good way to make sure I pay on time.


One of the best cards out.

Discover it card is probably one of the best cards I’ve used. Has 2 percent cash back. Really low apr rate. There’s no ridiculous annual fee for users. Great overall card.


Great card for interest free purchase.

This card is a great card for someone looking for an easy to use credit card with tons of benefits. Discoverit card give 18 months interest free, as well as reward program, and no annual fee. The card is for a above average credit rating, but once you get it the card is marvelous.


Discover more with Discover

Although its the only credit card I have ever used, I love it. I have never had any problems or issue with it. Their fraud team is great, something you normally wouldnt want to deal with, but they make it such a breeze for the customer. They are also very good when it comes to credit card theft and fraud on your account. Also using them you dont have to worry about carrying around to much cash, because most places accept Discover cards, and earning reward points is also a huge plus.


Very easy to have a high credit line approved.

I had a very easy time having the card approved and was also given 100 gift card for signing up. The fees are pretty average. I was given a higher credit line than any of my other cards which is nice. I also noticed the minimum payment is a little higher than some of my other cards.


Great customer service and all purpose card

I have never had any problems with Discover. There have been a few occasions which it has been declined do to fraud prevention but I probably could have gotten around that if I notified them I was traveling. I pay the total amount of my bill each month and the one time I missed a payment they seemed to understand it was a mistake and generously waived my interest penalty.

I do wish their rewards program was a little more extensive. I do get cash back rewards on some of my purchases but more is always better.


Discover It, a complete package

The discover It card has been great, they started me off with a decent credit limit, a great APR% and a great balance transfer%. They have wonderful customer service designed to help with any and all problems with the card. The amenities they give with the card are also amazing. Cash back and a way to track my credit score whenever I want are truly positives in this day in age where cash back isn’t given out as often. I also enjoy the higher cash back programs every couple of months. Overall it’s a great card.