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Best card for an average user

I have had several credit cards over the years and by far my Discover Card is the best card out of them all. They provide the highest reward capability for the everyday person. I am an average credit card user and I have earned over $800 in rewards in the last 5 years. The various categories are broad and not specific to a certain store so you can earn more, faster.
Discover is also a very understanding company if you have a mishap. If you forget to pay your bill on time, I have found that just calling them and explaining your situation and they will reverse any penalty for simply forgetting. Overall, Discover has exceeded my expectations for a credit card company I will do business with them as long as possible.


Great for a first credit card

This card has been great for me since it is my first credit card. I have been getting bonuses when buying and it is a very simple card to use. Discover has great customer service, when my credit card information got stolen they contacted me right away and resolved the issue. It has been very easy for me to build credit with this card.


I like it.

I use this card all the time. I like the fact that they keep track of my FICO score and send it to me with my statement.


Great all-around card for points

This is a great card. I’ve used it for many different types of purchases, and they offer points for types of purchases based on a rotating schedule. For instance, for 3 months you earn 3 points per dollar spent on gas, then the next 3 months you’ll get 3 points on groceries, and so on, until you go through 4 cycles (12 months). Then the cycle starts over. Additionally, you will always receive at least one point per dollar on purchases that don’t fall into the cycle’s category. For example, during the gas cycle, you’ll still get 1 point for grocery purchases.

Discover is also good about increasing your credit limit if you buy and repay responsibly. Further still, I was victim to credit card fraud, and received email and phone notifications that informed me of the breach. They were very helpful and understanding, asking me about the questionable purchases, and explaining how the charges would be rectified. My account was cancelled transferred to a new account, and the unauthorized purchases were refunded.


Great cashback card

I have cards from most of the major brands, and the Discover card is the card that keeps on gifting as long as you don’t accumulate debt with it. What I like most about this card is its cashback which can be used towards a credit on your bill or get a mail in the check. They’re especially generous during holidays!


Excellent card with great benefits.

I like that I can receive cash back on items I’ve purchased. I also like the convenience of online banking and the email notifications when my statement is ready. Paying each month is quick and convenient.


It is alright, I like the benifits and the card itself

I give it a 7/10. I have seen better cards out there, but I like this one, it works and has good perks that I want.


Great card for the day to day shoppers!

I have the Discover it card. I initially signed up and received the 18 months no interest which was great, really helped me out. The best part about the card are the benefits. They have the best cash back intensives with a 1% cash back on basic purchases and up to 5% cash back on selected retailers. The best part is you can use your cash back bonuses at Amazon which is a quick easy and free way to pay. When I call with a problem or question I am quickly put through to an agent who are always pleasant to talk to and very helpful. I cant tell you what I would do without this card!


A worthy consideration of a credit card.

I’ve been using it for 4-6 months I believe, seasonal rebates are nice but it depends if you ever spend money on what give rebates on. Customer service was pretty fast for activation, no experience with problems so far. Its an alright card, I have no complaints.


Lightly used expierence.

I had every intention to use this card to take advantage of points. But I’ve found points to be a very time consuming ordeal. Instead I’ve used this card sparingly. Usually only to cover small purchases to keep my credit score in good health.


Overall discover credit is great to have it. It help you save money

The discover credit is not bad. I can earn a cash back at the end of each month. The great thing is that many place accepted Discover credit card. In the first three month I can earn $150 cash back if I spend $750. Some store and online shopping can have discount. Every month discover offer different 5% cash back in different section. I can get Get cash back every time I use my card. Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases.


Great way to spread out and lower your credit card balances and save interest - free $100 Amazon gift card too!

I signed up for this card because they were offering a $100 Amazon gift card. I had looked at that ad so many times while shopping on Amazon that I finally just did it. Then I was pleasantly surprised to find they had given me a huge credit line, complete with a 15 month zero interest balance transfer offer. There is a transfer fee, but it’s less than the interest I would have paid over 15 months. I would not actually use this card for anything else because their interest rate is much too high, but it’s a great deal for the way I use it. I’ll pay it off right before 15 months is up and then maybe do it again. It’s better for your credit score to have several cards with small balances than to have one or two cards too close to their limits. Don’t max out this card either - only transfer 50% of your limit.


Cashback is great

I very much like my Discover it card. Discover offers cashback on a lot of the purchases that I make with it, and I like that I am able to earn extra cashback on certain things at certain times - e.g. on gas or travel in the summer months. I also very much appreciate how easy it is to use that cashback bonus: once I have earned what I want, I can put that money toward online gift cards (often making a five or ten dollar profit) or put it directly toward paying off my balance. I feel that this feature gives me a lot of power.

Discover has been pushing the fact that it offers members their FICO credit score on the monthly statement. I do find this feature helpful, though I’m not sure that I would miss it terribly if I were to see it go. I would, however, like to see Discover work with more businesses; I have found that, of the cards that I and my partner carry, Discover is accepted at the fewest establishments. This is a shame, because I’d prefer to use it exclusively but cannot.


If You Are Trying To Discover Something New Around The World Take This Card With You

I love discover it I used it many times there is a big credit limit on how much you can purchase on your items. I’ve tried other cards but they are not like this one. They have the highest customer satisfaction so to me it was a no brainer. We you can satisfy a lot of people with the card I can be satisfied as well.

Contacting Discover it is always easy no problems at all getting a hold of somebody and they are always nice. If you ever did have a problem I know they can fix it. They support charities another thing that’s dear to their heart and mind as well. I really enjoy shopping and knowing my card is always approved I had cards in the past that just didn’t get approved anywhere and it was so frustrating, but not frustrating with discover it that’s for sure.


Love it. Amazing. So convenient. Great rewards.

I have never had an issue with this card. I love the card. I love the company. I love customer service. It is a card I love and use all the time. I would recommend it to everyone!!!


Great card for regular user who wants rewards

I love Discover in general as a credit card company, they always provide great customer service, their website is streamlined and easy to use, and they seem to support healthy credit usage. The tools their website provides are an invaluable resource to paying down debt, keeping track of credit scores, and staying on top of your balance and available credit. The Discover It card is easy to use, and offers a reward program that is not nearly as complicated as other companies as well - which I can appreciate. Other credit card companies have complicated rules and points values etc for their rewards, where discover keeps it streamlined and easy without rules and regulations and stipulations to remember.


Discover-Great card for anyone.

I am very happy with my Discover Card. Here are the reasons. I did on one occasion have someone try to fraudently charge items on my card. Discover notified me by email and I called them. They tried to purchase a TV, and they did. Discover did not hold me liable and assured me they wouldn’t.
Another reason: I’m very careful about paying my bill on time but once, about 6 months ago, I forgot. They did put about a 25.00 late penalty fee on my statement but I called them and they nicely said they could waive it since I am normally a good payer. Then they offered to put me on auto-pay so this would not happen in the future. I appreciated this. They are always pleasant to talk to on the phone.


Great First Card!

This was the first credit card I ever received. it has been a great experience and a great way to start working on my credit. Discover has a great website packed with great tools and services. I have never had a problem with this card or with Discover. Over time they have also automatically increased my credit limit. My only complaint is that there are still several stores and restaurants that do not accept discover card.


Good Starting Card for Students

i think this credit card is good for somebody starting out. Honestly, I applied and closed the application. I never finished it and they still sent me the card. They probably expected me to buy stuff I couldn’t afford to pay back. But what they did not realize is that I am a dependable buyer. Even though I am in college, I care about my credit score. I really enjoy the free FICO credit score check.


I really like this card. I get cash back for many of my purchases.

I was able to get this card with a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers, which I really needed because I was paying way too much on interest on my other credit card. I also really like that I can get 5%-20% back on online purchases and that there is no annual fee.