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Great Quarterly Rewards

The Discover it card is a great credit card for anybody who enjoys using rewards programs. Like most other cards, this one gives you an introductory offer where you pay no interest for the first 6 months, although this may vary person to person. I found the interest rate low enough, although this may vary from person to person as well. My favorite part about the card is that it has quarterly rewards. Right now the card is offering 5% cash back on any gas purchases, so I use it at every gas station. I will be able to get cash back for all of my gas purchases until the end of March. Starting in April I will be able to get cash back for going to movie theaters and restaurants. You can log into your account online and use the cash back right towards your credit card bill.

The physical appearance of the card is very sleek and instead of having your credit card number and name on the front, it is on the back, which makes me feel more secure when I’m using it in public.


Perfect Perks

There are many perks of being a Discover Card. The first perk is that the Discover is readily accepted at many locations. Another important perk is the cash back bonus. Every month you use your card, you receive a cash back bonus. Therefore, if you pay your balance in full each month, it is as though you are getting paid to use the card. The cash back bonus can be used as credit statement as well. If you prefer, the cash back can be used to get a check or to buy gift cards. Another great perk is that each month they offer an additional perk. The additional perk is usually an additional percentage back for purchasing certain goods. For example, one month you may receive and additional amount back on gasoline, another month it may be for travel. All in all the built in perks of the Discover card make it an ideal credit card.


Great cashback bonus points system

The Discover It card is a great credit card to have, especially as a first timer. One of the greatest perks of this card is the cash back bonus and rewards. Discover chooses certain services that you can get up to 5% cash back on. Even if you don’t purchase anything in one of these services, you still get 1% cash back on anything you do purchase. The best part about the cash back is that you can apply the credit to your statement balance or have it deposited into your bank account! Receiving cash back for purchases made makes this card worthwhile.


Great for Balance Transfers

My Discover It card is great. I originally opened the card for a balance transfer. The rates and fees were second to none, and the balance transfer had an 18 month 0% rate. The web portal is easy to use and makes payments easy. My statement includes my FICO score, which is fantastic. The interest rate is a little higher than other cards I have, but it doesn’t affect me since I am using it for balance transfers.


Great everyday credit card

I applied and received the Discover It card one year ago. I have loved it so far. One of the best things about the card is the monthly FICO credit score for free. I like that it monitors my credit, and really encourages me to do better. I also love that Discover has 1% cash back on all purchases, and also 5% cash back on certain categories throughout the year. If you spend responsibly, then it can really pay you back to use the Discover It card. The interest rate is right around the average for interest rates. It could definitely be better, but it’s not anything to complain about. Overall, I would highly recommend this card to anyone who wants to use it for everyday purchases and general items.


Get cash back, not confusing "points"

I’ve been a user of this card for years. I love the cash-back bonus (1% on all purchases, 5% in certain categories every quarter). No messing around with “points” and “awards”, just give me back the cash! Another great feature is that you can pay the balance online, even last minute, with no extra fees.

This card is accepted in may more places than AMEX. And you don’t have to pay just to use the card like AMEX or Sapphire Visa. I use it for almost all my monthly spending, I even pay my utilities bills with it (and get cash-back!). Don’t forget to sign up for the quarterly 5% cash-back categories (travel, dining, etc.), it is annoying that they make you sign up for these (why wouldn’t you want the extra money!?) but easy to do when you log on to pay the bill.


Great card with great rewards

I love using my discover card. I enjoy getting the rewards which I use the reward money on Amazon. I buy a lot of products on Amazon and enjoy getting rewards to use. I love the website and iphone app. They are user friendly. The customer service is the best around.


Great Card with Great Benifits

I really enjoy the Discover it card. There are a number of good benefits and opportunities for cash back bonus. You will not get rich off of the cash back, but every little bit helps. The company also has great customer service. When dealing with a fraudulent charge, they were very easy to work with. No annual fee either!


Discover it - This isn’t your Dad’s discover card

This card is fantastic! It gave me a starting credit limit of $2,500 which really bolstered my credit rating - allowing me to get a car loan at a reasonable rate. After only a few months, I was able to get an even higher credit limit.

I especially like the rewards program - 1% back on everything, and 5% back on specific items (changing every 3 months.) Right now I get 5% back on gas, and it gives 5% back on online/retail shopping Oct-Dec, which is great for holiday shopping. The rewards are easy to cash, too!

Add in the free FICO credit scores every month, a slick spending analyzer that can really help track your spending habits, free extra cash at the grocery store when I need it so that I don’t have to stop at an ATM, and you have a card that’s going to stay in my wallet for the rest of my life.


Decent card for those with limited credit history.

It was one of the first credit cards I ever applied for. I was accepted and have been using the card ever since. It provides a FICO score, and the monthly payments are high. Those things combined help me be aware of my credit rating, and keep a low balance. All and all, I do enjoy the card, and my only complaint is that it isn’t accepted everywhere.


Good perks and pleasant employees

I signed up for the Discover it credit card when my husband and I were paying for our wedding and honeymoon. It came in handy when we were low on funds between paychecks. Compared to my Capital One card, Discover offered me a relatively lower interest rate and a higher credit line. I also enjoy receiving amazon rewards points on all my purchases. Anytime I’ve ever had an issue and needed to speak to someone, they’re employees have been really pleasant and helpful. Overall, my experience with this card has been great, but I do wish it had a few more perks.


This credit card is great for students.

I enjoy this card because it provides me with a free FICO score every month. It also has no annual or monthly maintenance fees. I also like that it has new rewards every month.


Great entry-level credit card.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this card. I’ve had it for almost two years and love it. The cashback program is great, because you get 1% on all purchases and 5% on certain categories during certain periods. i.e. 5% on gas purchases June-July. I also love that you get a free credit score report along with each statement. It makes it so much easier to have it all conveniently in one place. There are also a lot of tools that help you look at your spending in different time periods and in different categories of spending.


I love this card

I have had this card for a while now and have come to really like it. I like how I can get my FICO credit score every month. I also like the fact I get 1% back on everything while I also get 5% back on specific items which change each quarter. I enjoy being able to talk to a human 24/7. this is the best card I have in my wallet.


Great card for people building their credit.

I really like how your online account is set up. It makes it real easy to understand your bill. Plus they add in your credit score which can be real helpful to people just starting to build their credit. Helps you tailor to your own needs.


Fantastic card for shopping!

The Discover it card has worked really well for me. The online application was quick and simple, and I had an approval back within minutes. Any time I’ve talked to Discover the staff have been friendly, professional, and courteous, and they’re available 24 hours a day from what I understand. They always make me feel like I’m valued and my account is important to them.
The 5% cash back rewards program is a little unwieldy sometimes, since you have to go in and sign up for the higher reward each quarter, but being able to manage it online helps. They pick good categories like gas and holiday shopping, so you’re almost always assured to use it for the higher reward category. The other deals that come with the card aren’t something they push, but they make the card even more worth it. You get discounts and higher rewards at major retailers outside of the quarterly category, and those are always active. That alone makes this card worth having, and the quarterly program is just a (huge) bonus.
Point redemption is simple and flexible. I’ve done everything from direct balance application to gift cards to Amazon checkout payment with absolutely no problem. Their website makes point redemption easy, and all the options are very well explained. I would recommend this card to anyone who’s looking for a rewards setup that will put a lot of money back in their pocket.


Customer service makes this card great

I’ve had this credit card for awhile and have never had a problem. The interest rate is reasonable and customer service is great. I’ve dealt with customer service a few times due to inconsistencies in purchases. It two instances it was due to fraudulent activity on my card. The company was able to identify the fraud very quickly and removed all charges as soon as I confirmed I did not make the charges. I hadn’t realized my card was being used but the company was quick to respond to charges that seemed suspicious. Customer service also helped me with a payment plan when I started to fall behind on payments when I decided to go back to school. The person I spoke with was understanding and able to help out a lot even waiving a late fee. I felt as though I was dealing with a small credit union rather than a huge corporation.


Discover the Card That Has It All

I love my Discover card. In my honest opinion, it has everything you could ask for in a credit card. It is accepted pretty much everywhere. It pays you cash back on ALL purchases and has promotions to earn extra cash back on certain purchases during certain times. You can see your credit score each month and they are constantly offering balance transfers for 0%.
My most favorite thing about Discover is the level of protection they offer you as a customer. Identity theft is a huge deal now a days. You never know when you swipe your card if it being copied or not. With Discover all purchases are monitored. I have personally been called on three different occasions to see if I was in possession of my card because several large transactions had been made. I think that is fantastic. I would not trade my Discover card for any other type of credit card.


Great card for emergencies

I applied for this card about a year ago mainly for emergencies. They called me a day after I sent the application and asked what my main objective for the card was. When we were done talking I was approved and got my card within a few business days. All and all I like the card, haven’t had any problems. If I make a purchase out of the ordinary I get a call to check up.


Great card for people who like credit card perks

I currently have the “Discover it” card from Discover card and I think it’s overall one of the best credit cards you can have. I have many different credit cards, but this one is my favorite, for sure. This is the only credit card I have that gives you cash back on purchases, and you can use that cash back to buy things, or you can even use it as a credit towards your monthly bill. The “Discover it” card also comes with a nice cash advance limit. Mine is $300, so what that means is that if my balance (which is $1000) has at least $300 paid off (available) then I can just go to the atm and take out that $300 in cash, if I want to. One other thing that the “Discover it” card also has is “late payment forgiveness”, so the first time that you’re late paying your monthly payment, they won’t charge you a late fee. Not many credit cards do that, and I really like that a lot. I think Discover card is a really good credit card company overall, and I think they really care about and value their customers. Customer service has always been super friendly to me, every time I call. So, yeah overall it’s a great card, it has good perks, and very, very friendly customer service.