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Discover It
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This card is great for earning cashback and Discover is a great company with lots of extra benefits.

This card is great. I love how much cash back I can earn, especially when I make a purchase through shopdiscover. I really like that they have a partnership with Amazon so that I can use my cashback bonus whenever I am making a purchase there. I also really like that discover offers you your credit score whenever you want it. It is a great tool to have especially for the debt conscious. They also are great about increasing your credit limit in particular in times of need like unexpected medical expenses.


Discover “It” today, you won’t be sorry with this great credit card

The Discover It card is a great card and financial vehicle. First, it has a decent interest rate and no annual fee. This is crucial for me to like a card. Second, it has great customer service and security. If I lose the card, a friendly voice is available 24/7 or I can go online and put the card on hold. Yes, I don’t even have to cancel it if I just misplaced it!

Third, Discover gave me a reasonable credit limit for the interest rate. Some cards have high annual membership fees and hidden costs, but not the It card. Fourth, It has great rewards that I can cash out for statement credit or for Amazon purchases credit. All in all, it’s the best card I have ever owned.


Ideal card for anywhere

I am very happy with my Discover it card. I have always been able to get great service when I need it, and I am a big fan of the monthly credit score report on my statement. I have never had any issues with it being accepted at my favorite stores and online retailers and it has become my card of choice when shopping online because of this. I would recommend the Discover it card to anyone looking for a friendly, easy to use card with great support and customer service.


If you like cashback rewards, add Discover it to your arsenal.

I’ve been a Discover card customer for nearly 14 years. In that time, the company has consistently provided outstanding customer service and constant improvements on their competitive offerings. The latest evolution of their offerings is the Discover it card. Two of my favorite features on this card are the free monthly FICO Transunion score and being able to redeem your cashback rewards without a minimum. You no longer have to wait to accumulate $50 in rewards before you can redeem.

Like its predecessors, the Discover it card continues to offer rotating categories where you can earn 5% cashback depending on the calendar. Previous categories include 5% on gas, groceries, or online purchases. ShopDiscover has been replaced with ShopDeals, which provides 5-15% cashback on various online shopping sites provided that you click on the link through the Discover site and use your Discover card to make the purchase.


Unrivaled service and features; best card for establishing credit

I’m actually quite satisfied, overall, with my Discover card. I opened my account with them several years ago, right after graduation, and the combination of 0% interest for 12 months and a 13.99% rate afterwards was incredibly competitive. Overall, I credit three specific features that have made me into a loyal Discover customer:

  1. the unrivaled customer service. I have another credit card with another provider, and with Discover I don’t have to fight my way through endless phone branches, or patchy connections with incomprehensibly accented employees around the world. I get to a person right away, they’re very friendly and responsive, and my problems, which are rare, are solved that same day.
  2. the cashback options. I’m a very regular Amazon shopper, and having a standard 1% cashback for all purchases and 5% select cashback deals mean that, on a monthly basis, I receive a little extra ‘free money’ to spend on my purchases, and
  3. the complimentary FICO score. It’s nice to see on a monthly basis my score, and know where I stand financially.

As far as credit cards go, Discover is an excellent choice for any consumer - but an ideal one for someone first establishing their credit.


Great card for anyone.

The credit card is great. No opening fee which is definitely a huge plus. The card also has a reward system, this gets me to use my card more often. The rewards then let me get a few things when I build up enough. I would definitely recommend it.


Great card for anyone

The Discover It credit card is a great card for most people. I have had my card with Discover for several years and have never had a problem. I have had fraudulent charges and they were handled in a quick and professional manner. This card also has one of the lowest interest rates of all the cards that I use. The customer service that I have had to deal with has been above average, in my opinion. I also like the credit score feature included with this card. I t allows me to keep a general idea of where I stand. The Discover It card is by far my favorite card to use.


Great Company all around

Like any young College student I was warned of the problems and opened worlds of having a credit card, despite having both parents that were crippled under credit card debt I still opened an account with Discover. Honestly Discover is one of the best credit card companies, They hold multiple policies to protect the account owner from overdraft, high percentage rates, late payment forgiveness and a plethora of cash back options.

Do I regret getting a credit card? Well yes in some ways but Since i id get one i do not regret getting a Discover it card, It has indeed saved me in many situations.


Great card for people with no credit

This credit card is ideal for people with no previous credit history. They are not strict with approving people and they offer an extremely low APR. There are also many other perks including cash back offers. This allows you to use the card online at many different retailers and earn money on your purchases. Along with this there are monthly cash back offers that can earn you extra cash back.


No better customer service available with a card

I have been a Discover card holder for more than 20 years. This card is not the best on interest rates as compared to others in the market, however, I have found that their customer service is second to none. As a result of this, this is my only daily carry card. I have had my numbers stolen twice and each time it was painless and simple to work with Discover to resolve the issues. They were friendly to me and concerned about fixing things as fast as possible. They never blamed me or implied that I was at fault in any way. Customer service is more important to me that price generally. I pay off my balance at the end of the month, so the interest rate doesn’t really affect me much anyway.

I have run into a few places where the card is not accepted, but these are rare and don’t really cause me a problem, I can use a check card instead in these very few places. The cash back bonus is really nice, especially when you don’t pay interest on the card by paying balances off each month. It can be used directly as a statement payment, on, or for other reward at Discover’s website. Don’t forget to sign up for 5% cash back categories every quarter…they really add up fast.


Awesome credit card company

I like this card because it is convenient to have and I love the customer service. They were willing to work with me to help me get back on track with my payments instead of judging me. Their representatives are easy to talk to and did not curse me out when I told them about my financial situation. If you are ever in a bind I would suggest you give them a call and just be up front with them. Keep in mind not all companies are this easy going but it was nice to know that there was at least one company out there willing to help someone.


Discover is a great card for cash back rewards and every day purchases

I love it, I have been with Discover since 2008 and they have amazing customer service! When it comes to disputes I have never had a problem with dealing with Discover. Also the cash back options are nice. They have 1% for all purchases and then 5% on certain categories though out the year.


Great card for people who want money back every month

I love this card because every month , I get cash back. I can either use it as cash, transferring into my bank account or use it for purchases on Amazon. I get 1% back on all purchases and every quarter is special purchases for 5%. Some months it is for gas or shopping.


Discover Your Blind Spot

I applied for the Discover it card to pay for grad school tuition and get cash back with the plan to pay the card off every month. I have enough liquidity where I can pay tuition with cash but the cash back with Discover seemed great. HOWEVER, I was only given a $2,500 spending limit which was not readily advertised and you only find this out after you have been approved and the card is on its way. With tuition being greater than this amount, I called and requested a credit limit bump and explained my situation. They denied this claiming that it is such a new card that they don’t yet have control over spending limits. So I canceled the credit card before it even showed up in the mail. Small ding on my superb credit score, but it was worth it to never have to deal with Discover ever again. For what it’s worth, I used my Costco AMEX and they were happy to help me.


No loyalty

I have been with this card for 14 almost 15 years because. they lowered my limit I don’t really use credit only the discover. I liked the card until they lowered my limit randomly by just 100 dollars. my credit score has even gone up since the years I first got the card. the lady in customer service said they lowered my card limit because I don’t have cards with anyone else. that is the most ridiculous anti loyal thing I have ever heard of.


Loving it Discover it!!

I love the card has everything that I was looking for…Never leave home without it…


Home-run Cash back card!

The purpose of a cash back card is to reward cash for responsible spending, especially for non-airline travel. This card does achieves that goal. No redemption minimum, good 5% rotating categories, and their Discover Deals portal that helps you even further to earn cash for non-rotating categories. Only problem is it is not accepted everywhere in the USA, especially small mom & pop stores.


Good rewards that are easy to redeem

Great card, often the first one out of my wallet - depending on what the 5% rewards are that cycle. Discover cards are all about the rewards and unlike many cards, those rewards are easy to earn and redeem. I love the flexibility of getting an account credit or using on Amazon. The only drawback is occasionally being told “we don’t take Discover,” but that’s much less common than it used to be. Discover offered me a much lower credit line than most other issuers did ($8k despite my 800ish FICO) but that may not be generalizable.


Got approved 1.5 yr after bk 7

The card is my number one favorite and at the top of all. Got approved with a $6,500 limit 1.5 year after BK 7. Was given 18 months intro 0% APR, never used it. Always pay in full and also get to use the Cash Back every month. Haven’t had issues with it.


Great Company, Great Card

This was the first unsecured credit card I was able to get. They gave me a $1,500 credit line and increased it to $4,900 over the first 9 months of the card. Great rewards and their “Spending Analyzer” lets me know when I’m getting close to the limit on the 5% cash back categories.