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Horrible company

I have always used mastercard and visa and recently starti9ng using discover it, the worst mistake I ever did make. We have a lot of purchases we make and we had a large one which they declined 3 times for about 280 in which we spoke and told them we are making a new purchase as since it was declined, it was canceled and the new order is 380, they declined this order 3 times and I have no way of making the purchase as discover was freaking useless, how do i use the card if you keep declining so applied for capital one spark and closing this garbage account with discover. i never used my card and now i know why.


Best Rewards card out there

Discover is a great company and their app make managing your card super easy! Reasons why I love this app/card…
1. Very simple to pay whenever you want
2. Easy to set up auto payment and reminders
3. DOUBLE CASH BACK after 1st year
4. Ability to freeze card if lost
5. FICO score
6. Cash back can be redeemed at restaurants and stores ($20 cash back gives you $25 or $30 at Dicks sporting goods)
7. Discover deals gives you coupons to use like, BOGO at Auntie Anee’s Pretzels.
Great Card, do yourself a favor and get this card


iT Miles killed my vacation, i closed both my discover accounts

May 1016, 21 revolving accounts, 8.2k in balances across 7 of them, ALL perfect history, between 12-18% usage, they gave me a 5k limit miles card, almost 1k first month, paid in full on statement date, i then use the card for the flights early July 2016, $2.8k balance and i decided to take ONLY the iT card with me to greece on vacation 7/16 to 9/16, to establish a usage and payment history, not my amex gold, delta skymiles, Cap Ones or Citi Visas, they did a soft inquiry and lowered my limit slightly above the current balance WHILE I WAS ON VACATION!! effectively leaving me in another country with no credit card, after a 27 min international call at $2.35 a minute, they cant help cause the account is less than 3 months old, irony is, they claim their system saw balance to limits were too high, i owe $5.7k across 6 of the 7 accounts and the 2.8k on their account, so 8.3k = 7 cards, 8.5k = 7 cards, their own account posted on my report, and they lowered my limit for that additional $300


Do not work with this company.

When I first got my discover card, I really loved it. Good rewards, pretty good customer service, and you can check your FICO score at anytime.

Then it went downhill about a week ago. I made a total of 3 late payments with discover for the 2 years that I have had them, and then when I went to go make a payment for this month, I tried using my new bank account but realized a number was wrong. The payment got sent back, and then my account was frozen. I was paying off the entire balance of my account, and when I finally had realized it was returned I checked everything and realized the mistake with my account. I fixed my bank account and resent the payment. a week later I notice my available credit was still $0. Eventually it came to only to find out AFTER I MADE THE PAYMENT that they did a "soft" review of my account and told me that they made a "business" decision to close my account. A business decision? They could not give me any logical reason on why they did that and kept saying "according to your payment history you've made countless late payments." I had all of the statements right in front of me and read off every single day I made a payment and when I asked them how 3 payments is "countless" they could not give me an answer and kept repeating "you've made too many late payments." Not only have I made those late payments, 3 in a span of 2 and a half years, every time I've made one of those payments it was either a payoff, or way over the minimum balance. For being a loyal customer to discover only to see that they just made a "business" decision to close my account off of 3 late payments has me furious. I am 100% sure that the $1000 balance that you guys closed my account from will really put you back on the right track.


Customer Service

I have several credit cards, one being Capital One which I have kept in good standing for the last three years. So I was really upset with them for not increasing my limit with my good credit rating and my current relationship with them. I apply multiple times for a credit increase and was denied continually. So I began looking around for other cards that would give me a higher credit limit Discover was my first choice, I did the application over the phone and they require more information from me after giving the information I was denied due to some incorrect information on my credit file spoke with Debbie which was the best experience I have ever had with a credit card company,I was able to get approved not only for the card but also with a doubling of my current limit with Capital One. I am very pleased with my overall experience with Discover.


The best first credit card

If you’re doing research to try to find your first credit card, or you already have a card or two but want a good rewards card with no annual fee, this is an excellent card. I’m 21 and this is the first credit card I ever applied for, just over a year ago – and I was approved with a $1500 credit limit. They have since increased my limit to $2000 (modest, but I’m a college student with sparse income). There’s no annual fee, so I plan to keep this card indefinitely; there’s no reason to ever cancel it. Discover, in my experience thus far, has been a great company. There are many benefits to this card: doubled cash back after first year, good cash back categories, free FICO score monthly, Discover Deals, excellent smartphone app and web UI, and great customer service and policies. It is incredibly simple to pay your bill (in full, on time, every time!) and increase your credit score with this card. Why support a greedy and corrupt company like BoA when you can have a Discover card…I’ve yet to find a place that won’t accept it.


You’re screwed if you lose it

I lost my card. Requested a replacement. A month and a half later and I haven’t received it.

First 2 weeks I contacted them only to find they neglected to send me a card at all. After another 10 days I contacted them, only to find that for whatever reason my card got sent back to them by the post office (even though my address is valid) and of course, they neglected to notify me about that at all, and didn’t bother trying to send it out again until I contacted them. Waiting for my card for the third time. Lets see what happens this time.

I don’t know how they operate behind the scenes, but it’s clearly inefficient and messy if they require SO much hand holding on my part to replace a single card over the course of a month. I’m a humble spender, so going without a credit card for more than a month has not dramatically affected me, but I can’t help but feel like I’m being punished. This is a ridiculous situation.


Bate & switch

After getting this card I called to activate it and set up the balance transfer they said there would be a 3% transfer fee that is not what I signed up for. It said 0% intro Apr on transfers for 12 month’s and no fees, they also said 11.24% to 15.24% but when I got it the percentage rate is 20.24%. I have a very good fico score in the med 700s. This is clearly Bate & Switch


If you have good credit avoid.

It comes with your score, 752 in my case. Only 18% achieve this or better. Why on earth did i get the worst apr? 11.24 - 24.24 and i got 24.24. I called them out on it and the response was “actually you have a 0% for 18months” and my response was I’m not an idiot everyone gets the promo. Sent me to another useless employee. Got nowhere except I can run my credit in 6 months for a lower apr…
I left these guys before for apr hikes without warrant. Nothings changed.


Just got approved!!! excellent

I was always being receiving the invitation promo code to apply for this card…with a cs of 601,but over two years without asking for credit…i decided to give it a shot and applied…i was surprised by being approved with a CREDIT LIMIT OF 4.5K…I’m really happy of the results of my application,I highly recommend to try it, every case is different, and you will never know until you apply . i have three other cc since over two years and my limit are half for what i have been approved with discover it…

Thank discover it for this opportunity.


Deceptive practices

Their website tells you to decline car rental insurance and just use your discover card instead, they say they’ve got you covered. THIS IS TERRIBLE ADVICE! I took this advice and now I’m stuck paying for an $800 windshield that Discover refuses to cover because they claim the windshield doesn’t count!! The car rental insurance would have covered this damage. It’s terrible that they deceive customers this way.



Customer beware!!! Interest rates are horrible after the promotional introductory period expires! My credit score is 771; and Discover refuses to give me an annual rate under 18.1%. Their rates are comparable to loan sharks! I am in the process of transferring my balance to another company; and I have vowed to NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!! I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STARS IF THE RATING SYSTEM WOULD ALLOW IT!!


Great Card

This is one of the best cards I have used. Great rewards and customer service.


Fantastic for some of the people, some of the time

Let’s face it, the 1% baseline reward is a joke these days, with Fidelity and Citibank offering [effectively] 2% cash back directly, and more and more offering 1.5% (Chase, CapitalOne, Wells Fargo, come to mind) this is no longer a general purpose card but should be the 3rd or 4th card in your wallet.

I picked up the Discover “More” card in college with no income and they gave me a decent credit limit all things considered, then I changed products to the “It” card in early 2015. When I had no other cards and no income, the one grand limit seemed dangerously high for me but was good for building credit.

Once I got a job and other cards and the five percent categories showed up, this card became awesome for those categories, but only when those categories lined up with things I purchased (Amazon, Gas, Groceries), but when they don’t line up with my spending patterns (Department Stores, Home Improvement, Warehouse stores), this card mostly sits in my safe at home.

The main general disappointment with this card is that you are supposed to sign up each quarter prior to spending in that quarter special category. This isn’t a huge deal but why have this arbitrary requirement when Chase doesn’t? I asked customer service and was reassured by a second tier person in Ohio that if I ever were to forget to sign up, I could call during the quarter (or even shortly after it was over) and they would happily fix the mistake manually granting back rewards, but I am not convinced that it would be honored repeatedly.

Today’s particular frustration that I have with Discover is that they offered to alleviate this problem entirely and enroll me for life “Get every 5% Cashback Bonus program from now on” [so reads the letter]. So I jumped at that chance. It was going well for a year and a half, no sign-ups required, and then suddenly, without notice, they decided not to enroll me any longer, that hardly qualifies as “from now on.” When I contacted customer support, they confidently told me there never was such a program and they never sent me such a letter, even though I had just read it to them.

While I appreciate the US-based customer service, I’d rather be told “Sorry, I’m not familiar with that program” than be told “nope, that didn’t happen.” And maybe someday they will fix their sign up program to allow after-the-fact sign-ups like Chase, if they do that and up the baseline rewards to 2 percent (or remove the need to sign up), I’ll give them five stars.


Horrible Card

So I was fooled by their $0 fraud liability policy. I was easily approved for their card(Discover it) and had the card for about a year. Suddenly, after 1 year, my card was lost and someone used it to book for a Skydiving adventure in Colorado ($435) with a scam company called Rushcube. I live in Pennsylvania. I was promised by Discover that they would take care of it. I thought they were honorable . . . oh boy I was wrong.

After their investigation, that did not include talking with me. They decided to hold me responsible for a fraud I reported on time and was no fault of mine. Because of their recklessness, my FICO has gone down by about 60 points (740 - 686 now). They still harass me with phone calls every day asking me to pay for the cost of the SkyDiving I did not book nor enjoy.

Please be warned, Discover will not protect you. Run away from them as far as possible.


Excellent Card

The Discover It Card has many benefits. The 5% revolving categories are awesome (don’t forget to log into your account each quarter to activate - this is required). Additional savings through Discover Deals can get additional higher percentage cash back opportunities (works like a cash-back site for online shopping…log into your account, go to Discover Deals, find the retailer/etc, click through, complete your purchase with Discover Card). Don’t forget, the one-year cashback match is an amazing thing also. After your first year, Discover will match all the cashback you earned - from all methods (cash back, cash back quarterly categories, and discover deals). You can also get a $50 sign-up bonus through a referral (which does indeed get doubled with the cashback match at the end of the year - getting you $100 just for singing up).


Very Pleased

Excellent customer service! Very good card in general. Also nice that my calls aren’t routed to some call center in India, like American Express does.



I have Discover card since 2012 and I requested to close account on 2015. I still have the card, and before shredding it, I called Discover and I still hear about the information on my account. So, I called customer service to confirm that my account had been closed, and they said that it had closed in 2015. I also requested that they send me THE CLOSING ACCOUNT STATEMENT over email on 2/5/17. They said it takes 24-48 hours. After 5 hours, I received the email, which said, “Congratulations, and thank you for providing your email. You will be able to update your information.” Since that, I had never received any emails regarding the CLOSING ACCOUNT STATEMENT after 24 hours. So, I called on 2/6, 2/7, 2/8, and the 2/9, but they only said that they have no idea why I had not received their email, and they had only asked me to verify my email address again and again.

I am highly suspicious that they are doing this because they are not willing to close my account, even though I need it to be closed, and that they don’t want to send out the CLOSING ACCOUNT STATEMENT. I believe they are scheming.


Overall good, but be careful if value protection from unscrupulous merchants

I haven’t read the other reviews but I imagine the positive ones mention many of the good things about the card - the US based CS that answers the phone quickly, the nice cashback and Discover Deals portal, plus good redemption options, etc. I do agree with all this. But I learned the hard way that apparently, for whatever reason, Discover is not up to par when it comes to disputes. I placed a number of orders through a large online PC retailer. Most of these were paid with my Discover IT, but I also used other cards including Amex, Capital One, and even TD Bank. In short, on each order the company failed to deliver an item that was promised by them at purchase, and their CS was rude and unhelpful. When viewing invoices of my purchases, these undelivered items did not appear, however I had made screen clips in Evernote of the checkout process when placing orders, so I did have proof. With that, I carefully filed partial disputes for each transaction in the amount of the missing item. Ultimately, despite submitting all my evidence to Discover’s dispute department, they ruled in favor of the company. Meanwhile Amex, Capital One, and TD all considered both sides and found in my favor. The failure of Discover to protect me as a cardholder in this instance cost me around $2,000 or so, which pretty much offset their admittedly generous offer of doubling my cash back for the first year, I guess. But because of this experience I’d never use Discover for a purchase I was the least bit nervous about. This was the first time I’d ever needed to dispute a charge, but I always felt good knowing someone would have my back if something went wrong, but did not realize how dependent the level of protection is on the bank itself.


Hassle to apply

I was invited to apply so I did and was approved immediately. Told I’d get my card in 3-5 days. Then I get 3 harsh voicemails from discover starting at 8 am telling me its urgent i call. So i call and discover says everything looks good youll get your card in 3-5 days. Next i get 2 emails, then 3 letters in the mail saying i need to send in 3 out of 4 proofs of i.d. so i call discover to ask why uli got these letters and someone i talked to said i was all clear, the lady on the phone gave me attitude and said I HAD TO FAX IN THE INFO. so i go and fax 3 out 4 forms of i.d. two days later, discover calls me again and now says i need to fax in 3 more forms of id. So i had to go yet again to fax 3 more forms of id for a total of 6 forms of id. Its been 3 weeks and no sign of a card. Now they are in a perfect place to steal my identity and i get nothing but a headache. Terrible customer service. Just not worth it.