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I was offered a pre-approved opportunity for a Discover Card. I applied and was given a $6,000 credit limit. I did not use the card immediately as i intended to place payment for a wonderful vacation later this year. I periodically check my credit scores and noticed the discover card credit limit had been reduced to $3000. This change was reported to the major credit agencies and destroyed my almost perfect credit score!! My score dropped by 50 points!!! My credit to debt ratio increased!! I called the Discover customer service department and was told i would have to apply for a credit increase. I WAS DECLINED!! Well, I wonder why??? Could it be because for no reason other than lack of using my Discover card the company decided to drop my limit by 50%??? This shows as a negative report and credit line decrease with credit agencies and is derogatory against my score. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that there was nothing i could do but wait and see if sometime in the near future I might qualify for a credit increase. All of this is totally unacceptable to me… I closed the account and will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DISCOVER AGAIN!! I have many other cards that I have paid off and do not use, yet these companies do not decrease my credit limit!! So, everyone, please be aware that if you don’t use this card, Discover, will… WITHOUT NOTIFICATION… decrease your credit limit and destroy your credit history.


Good fraud detection!

I have been using this card for 3 years. Discover provides excellent customer service. It also provide excellent fraud detection. Just now, I tried to add my Discover credit card to an app. I did not know the app charged my money. Right at that time, Discover contacted my to check if that was me using my card. Thank you Discover!


My Favorite Card

I carry the four big cards but use Discover almost exclusively. I've never had it refused in the United States. I've also had very good luck using the card in Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France & the United Kingdom. I love that there is No Foreign Transaction Fee.

There are also a huge number of ATM's abroad where you can get a cash advance with a great exchange rate and not have to risk your checking account information in a foreign country. It's accepted in Europe anywhere you see the Discover or Diners Club logo.

Customer service is always terrific on the very rare times I've had to call them. The website & the app are super easy to use. The Secondary Car Insurance is not as good as American Express or Visa. MasterCard has a higher limit. However, Discover does not exempt any countries for their secondary car insurance which is untrue for the other three big card companies. With no annual fee and a very generous credit limit plus cash back, this will be my go to card for the foreseeable future.


Discover will not honor Card benefits

Members beware! Discover will not honor claims made through Eclaims Line and Eclaims will do everything they can to avoid paying a claim. They will continuously state they did not receive even though they did, If you are using Discover in hopes of loss stolen benefit protection you have been fooled because they will not pay it!


New Card User

I love the cash back match! I haven’t had any problems that customer service hasn’t been a big help. I would rate 10 stars, if I could. I would definitely recommend this card to anyone that is just beginning to build credit.


If I ever feel I need a card to side with me, I use this

The card does not give the best rates, so I do not use for it for “safe” purchases i.e. bills. But if I ever have any doubt I use this card which is why I still keep it. The few times I have been trapped in a scam Discover comes through for me and takes my side. That alone makes it a powerful tool in my wallet.


Great customer service!

Good luck finding a card with better customer service than Discover! You can literally have their customer service do almost anything with you so as long as you also hold up a positive relationship.


Wonderful Features

I went off the radar for a bit and paid everything in cash. After sometime I decided to re-build my credit with a more lucrative card. When I chose Discover I never imagined all the wonderful features like free credit score, cash back at various levels, hassle free account inquiry. Their app alone lets me check my account in real time- anytime- with wonderful security features.


Do not apply! Worst service ever

Worst credit card service ever! Despite sending me multiple invitation mails, I finally decided to make an application and give it a try. After filling out my information they just declined to give me a credit card. What a scam! I have 700+ FICO score. Is this how you respect your clients Discover? Worst card ever. I am warning you. Do not apply! Total scam!


Horrible Customer Service

Discover advertises how receptive they are and how efficient their customer service is: don’t believe it.


My Best Credit Card so far!

got approved without having any prior credit card, and after only two months of getting my SSN! So far, I’ve got hundreds of dollars in Cash Backs and I’m absolutely satisfied with it! Now I have two other credit cards but still Discover is my first choice!


Best Protection and Excellent Customer Service

Discover is my favorite card for shop online with extra cash back, purchase protection and outstanding customer service. I have been Discover Customer for 23 years and very happy with it.


Best of All !!!

I have had a lot of credit cards in my life, but this one is “The Best”, every time i had an issue this people resolve it faster than other guys, customer service is a A+++, and this in today’s environment is priceless… Hope u keep it that way, because love to make business with you guys.


No protection from the company

My card was charged with an unauthorized charge and I filed a dispute, during the investigation the merchant provided a credit card copy with a signature that is obviously not mine, but Discover’s dispute team said they could do nothing to help, I would have to contact the merchant myself. What a joke, if an authorized person with a completely different name signed my card, it is my responsibility to go settle with the merchant? If you expect protection from the credit card company, just don’t apply for their credit card.


LOVE discover!

I’m a student and I couldn’t get a credit card from anywhere else because I have no credit at all. Discover gave my that chance to build credit when no one else did. I had a question about some charges on my credit card (got scammed by Wannelo and it charged me 12 times! I never even bought anything It said my card was invalid) I called their 800 number and got someone on the phone right away. The rep was so nice and understood everything. She recorded what happened with the charges and said she would look at it everyday to see when the charges get dropped and if they don’t she will take care of them. They stick to their word and unlike all other customer services, Discover cares about you and is extremly helpful. They are all educated and know what you are talking about. If you have a question or complaint they won’t hang up until it’s corrected. I’m so glad I didn’t get accepted by another credit card company because I got so lucky with Discover. If you want a company that actually cares about you, get discover.


Really bad customer service

I’ve been a Visa user my whole life. But based on the strength of Nerdwallet’s review of this credit card, I applied for the Discover it card a few days ago. All three of my interactions with Discover over the phone have been exemplary in how NOT to treat a new customer.

  1. Cold transfers are so irritating. Each time I’ve called in, I’ve had to provide verification information via touch-tone, which are then asked again by the representative prior to even asking me the reason for my call. Each time, the representative has immediately needed to transfer me but only after getting my full SSN, DoB, etc. The next representative invariably ends up asking for this same information, and I have had to explain the reason for my call to this second person as well.

  2. Dumb opaqueness. My credit line was half of what it is with three of my other credit cards, but the CSR would give me no explanation as to why other than to repeat the same phrase “it’s a proprietary decision making system”. I have excellent credit, a long credit history, and low debt. Don’t feed me a cop-out. At least pretend to do some research or conjecture.

  3. Conflicting information. During one of these interactions, I had called to ask for the card to be rush-shipped to me because I wanted to buy something with it. I was told this would be done happily and for free, but only if I called again the next day because my application was in some sort of “post-approval pre-account number population” limbo. It was not possible to annotate the account to record this request. Notwithstanding this nonsense, I called back the next day only to be told flatly that it was not possible. I cited the previous interaction but was spurned without explanation.

I am unhappy that I applied for this credit card and wish I could take it back. I am debating whether I want to even activate the thing once it arrives.



APR calculation way to high

I just received my discover it card but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be using it any time in the near future. I’m using less than 2 percent of my available credit and I have a fico credit score of 752 and they give me a 21.99 percent interest rate. What a rip off. My American Express Blue card is a 12.24 percent interest rate with better cash back rewards. Gee, I wonder what card I’m going to be using?


Unreliable, Do not apply!

I have $84,000 credit line in total and I got Discover credit card with $6,000. After 11 months I did carry $45,000 balance distribute on several cards that I have which dropped my FICO score to 676 points. I received message from Discover informing me that they dropped my Discover credit line from $6,000 to $500. I did call customer services to ask why they dropped my credit line, she said that because my FICO score is become low!! Please note that:

  • I haven’t carry any balance on discover credit, all my debt was on other credits cards.
  • I never messed any payments for any card and my credit history still more then good.
  • I paid all my balance in full for all the cards, and I cancel discover credit and for sure will not deal with this very irresponsible provider anymore.


Worst Credit company ever

I became a victim of identity theft. Even though I submitted proof of my innocence they didn’t return my money


Scam Company

Scam. Canceled Account, Discover keep over $600 in points. Tons of fine print.