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Fair Weather Friend

I’ve my Discover card for about 7 years with an interest rate of just over 12%. I have a PhD but I’ve had a difficult time finding a good full-time teaching position. Most college teaching positions are part-time with no benefits. I have a balance that is a little ocer half of my $14,000 limit. I usually pay (on time) a little more than the minimum payment and I recently asked Discover to lower my interest rate (temporarily) so that I could pay down my balance more quickly. Despite my good payment history and a credit score of just under 700, they would not work with me to pay down my balance. My account is now closed so I cannot increase my debt with this company. Now I will continue to pay off my debt and in a few years they will want me back as a customer, but I will have other options. I am not a fan of “fair weather friends” - in finance, loyalty goes both ways.


I love it, but if your number is stolen, you’ll jump through a lot of hoops!

I love this card. I love the zero introductory rate. I love the double cash back. I love the app. I love the website. However, my card number was stolen, probably at a gas pump. Every time that has happened with another card, the replacement card came overnight. It took a week to replace this one. Then the new one had a fraud flag, so I couldn’t use it! I called customer service at least a half dozen times in two days. Each representative gave a different “solution” that would supposedly make the card work and the fraud flag go away. They were all wrong. Finally, just when I was about to cut the damn thing up and quit using the account, a representative told me I needed to not try to use it for 48 hours, and the fraud flag would reset. That worked, but I have two issues with it. First, it took so many calls to figure out the solution, because their own employees didn’t know. Second, it took a week after my card was cancelled due to theft before I could use my account again. Unfortunately, it’s the times we live in when this happens to me regularly; this was the 6th time in as many years. However, this is the only time my account was unusable for more than 24 hours.



I’ve actually enjoyed using this credit card until I was overcharged by a company. I disputed the account and they sided with the company that overcharged me. I paid on the phone. They told me it was 30 dollars and I got charged 90+. Discover just threw me under the bus and has no respect for their customers.


Not pleased

I have a 737 credit score- I applied for discover it and got denied because I didn’t have a checking account. Now I have to have a hard inquiry on my report because they are way over stingy. I have 100 percent payment history on my credit with a lowes card and Jc penny card I used often and they tried to say I don’t have enough “revolving accounts”. If this was the case they could doa smaller credit line so they can be sure you’ll pay the bill- it’s pretty obvious someone pays and on time when the credit report says 100% payment history. I think Discover it is sadly a joke with seemingly good perks for only who they allow to get it by phony expectations.


Not happy with Discover

MAD AT DISCOVER! I have been doing all this research for changing our credit cards, checking account and saving account to get better interest and deals. After everything I decided Discover was the best for us. Great interest rates for Savings account 1.15%, gives you 10¢ on every transaction with checking and great cash back and transfer deals with credit card. I use to have a card with them years ago that I never paid late, paid my balance off and closed the account. So I call and their systems are down for the banking part but I can still sign up today for the credit card. Lady runs my credit which is 800… I have worked at the same job for 27 years… I have plenty of liquid cash (that I would like to transfer to THEIR bank)… No outstanding debt… AND I GET DENIED! WTF?


Not Customer Friendly

Discover’s overly aggressive fraud protection resulted in numerous legitimate charges being denied and unnecessary work untangling the mess they made. Totally avoidable. Have had both MasterCard and Visa cards for a lot longer and have not had a fraction of the issues I have had with Discover. No more. Discover Card is now gone along with all the troubles that came with it.


Great Card All Around- I use it daily

The cashback and low interest rates are what grabbed me here. Going into this my credit score was about 750ish I got an APR at 11.99% with over 10k limit. I use this card everywhere for about a year now.
I can’t comment on the other peoples credit cards getting stolen because I’m not an idiot. Look for skimmers and dont use your card on public wifis people. Then again I work in IT so I know these things. Anyway, great card and company. They increased my credit by 4k with no hassle. I’ve had nothing but good things to say, the app is great too. If it’s synced it will literally give you a notification for every transaction made.


Discover Card, Bad mistake

I applied for a Discover card last week and I’m so disappointed with the customer service and the way I was treated. I have and excellent credit, no hard inquiries at all. After waiting for a few days I saw on the web site by putting my info that says that the request was received and that the final decision will be sent or if I wanted to call a banker and get the decision right away. I called and to my surprise it was a representative that he said I would’ve never received anything if I wouldn’t have called first. I waited for nothing those days besides instead of saying that he needed to verify some info first he started to asked me question to obtain the answer like, What is the address you would like us to send the card?So I got it or not? he said the decision would be made by a banker in a few days. I felt like a criminal begin for something I thought I was going to be treated different with all the adds about they excellent customer service. After all the ordeal he just said that if approved they will send the card. I just wanted to cancel everything right away but you will do a hard inquiry just for nothing anyway. Bad decision for my next card. The wait is taken more than a week and still I don’t know anything yet.


Love it

I’ve had this card for a few years. It started when I transferred my balance from my old Bank of America card with higher interest with a 0% intro offer for either 12 or 18 months. I’ve since taken advantage of the cashback rewards more and more. Since it’s going to be for Amazon purchase over this holiday season, I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of that. I love the customer service, especially the chat when I use it, which isn’t very often. I love this card so much, I’m seriously considering their cashback checking and savings with very good rates. Just gotta get the wife on board…


No Complaints

I’ve had my discover card for over 2 years. So far I have no complaints at all. 99% of any purchases I make, I do them on my Discover card. Really easy to pay. I have only needed to contact customer service twice and both times they were really nice and easy to talk to and my issues were solved immediately. (One of the issues I never received my requested card. I called them and they overnighted me a new one.)


Didn’t honor promo intro rate

They told me I had 14 months intro apr of 0% and started charging interest after six months. Told me then I only got a 6 month intro rate. They also offered a very low credit limit. The customer service couldn’t care less to lose me as a customer. I had 700 credit score.



I was receiving mail offers about the discover It card and applied online. I called the number when I received an email and was approved for a 4500 dollar limit. I had a good experience with the customer service, they was very patience and helpful. I do have one hard inquiry on my credit report and fairly new to the credit card world (I’m fairly young, 22) with a credit score of roughly 680. I only gave 4 stars because I have yet to actually deal with them expect for the approval process but seems like they are helpful.


Best card I’ve owned

App - you can make/edit payments on a daily. My other credit card had to make me wait until transaction is finalized.

Cashback - no other CC offers cashback match.

Deals - there are quarterly cashback deals that really pertain to my usage. Amazon, dining out, and of course gas. The other deal doesn’t apply to me so I only used the 1% on anything else during that period, however, there’s other various cashback/discount deals that aren’t listed such as automotive, electronics, and fashion.

Customer Service - phone conversations take a moderate time to get to a live person. Live chat sessions are my preferred communication since response time is pretty quick.

Price protection - buy now, save later. I tend to make impulse purchases but when I see that the product I purchase is cheaper at a later date, all I have to do is provide discover with info and I get a statement credit for the difference.

Auto CLI - it took more than 6 months. My initial line was increased 60% between 8-10 months. Of course each credit worthiness varies from user to user.

All in all, this card is best suited for MY needs and I will apply for a second since there is no other card that can compete based on my shopping preference.

By end of my first year, I’ll have almost 350 in rewards. 700 w/ CB Match.



I had an $1800 credit line, I paid it off along with a few other cards this past week. Then I go online to see that they have decreased my credit limit to $500. I called and argued with them. I pay off my debt to them and this is how I’m rewarded? I’m trying to improve my credit and they just decreased my available credit by $1300 plus on my credit report it’s now going to say that my high was 1795 and my limit is 500. I have never in my life had a company do such a thing. They are completely corrupt and I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them in the past but I figured I’d give them a try anyway and they just proved the rumors correct. I told them to close my account, I am not going to do business with a corrupt company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DISCOVER!!!


lousy customer service

These people will lower your credit line with no notification whatever. One day you have 2400 the next 800. Call and get this. Sorry but we determined you had to many inquiries on your credit report. I am going to pay the balance then use the card once per month to buy a Dr Pepper and a bag of chips. Also I am dropping the electronic billing and requesting paper.


So sad

My husband suddenly passed away and I had four young children. Two weeks after he died We received his last check. I was employed but made very little money. I called my other credit cards, explained my situation and EVERYONE of them helped by lowering my monthly payments ( all of these cards were payed off within a year ) . I had a credit score of 780 … it was very important to me to pay my debts. I called Discover and BEGGED them to lower my monthly payments . I was unable to pay any more, I had been a customer for over 15 years and had never been late on a payment before that . They refused to help… finally one month it came down to feeding my four children or paying my discover payment… I called more then ten times begging them to work with me. They ended up taking me to court. One month They emptied the only $400 I had left in my bank account leaving me without even a penny for food or gas that month . They have made it impossible to have a bank account or even own a car. I only owed over $3000, I WANTED to pay it . It’s been six years and they are still making my life miserable. The heartlessness of these people is beyond my understanding. I hope should anything ever happen to thier families that they run into people with more empathy then they’ve showed me .


Great Customer Service

I can’t believe I’m taking time out of my night to write this review, but their customer service is actually spectacular. And the rewards are amazing, especially now with cashback.


Amazing Customer Service

Best Customer Service I’ve had


Best card worth using it!

I applied for this card to earn a sign-up bonus and extend my credit card range. My sign-up bonus was $50 after spending my first purchase as soon as I got one. I was able to meet the bonus requirements easily and enjoy having the bonus deposited in my cash back and then transferred to my checking account. I love that this card makes cash back so easy. I can spend the cash back on Amazon if I like or redeem it as checks or gift cards. It also makes it easy to earn cash back with set percentages and special 5% back categories every quarter. Another great perk is the FICO score every month which makes it easy to monitor my credit health. The points system is great because you don’t have to activate anything or take any action - you just start racking up points as you spend. I put almost all my expenses on this card and pay it off each month in full, so I end up with lots of points! I would greatly recommend this card to everyone I know.
My credit score is 752 and I have a long credit history so if you get out from my referral link you will get discover credit card for sure with higher possible credit limit. Must mention, you will be getting $50 signup bonus and also double bonus offer after one year that means whatever you earn as a bonus in a year you’ll get it a double.


Customer service - not the brightest

I lived in Canada for a while and now I’m back in the USA. I need to build my credit from scratch and started with a secure credit card. Finally, have a decent credit rating so I sent an application to them, even requested proof of a bank statement so I sent them that as well. In the end, They called me to ask me the exact same questions from the statement. You would think the CS rep would be more intelligent, in asking other questions helping to get my card or at least suggest something helpful (like another card or something). I asked her the verdict and she told me that they were still in the verification process and that a later will be sent in the mail. Well, I guess she thinks I’m as stupid as she his I do not know how to verify my status online.
Anyway, go for Capital one (Quicksilver), approved in less than 8 min.)