Do I need car insurance to test drive a car?

Do I need car insurance to test drive a car?
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I’m a first-time car buyer, and as soon as I figure out what car I want, I’ll be getting insurance. In the mean time, I’d like to head to a few dealerships and test drive some cars. Can I legally test drive cars without already having car insurance? Is this something that the dealer covers? If not, is there a short term fix I can use?


In most if not all cases, this would be covered under the dealer's coverage.  In most states, they will only ask for proof that you have a driver's license, I can't recall ever being asked for insurance papers.  It may not hurt to shop for insurance for the particular car model you are buying, so this can be factored into your monthly budget as you buy the vehicle.  

If something were to happen while you were test driving the vehicle, I'm not saying that you couldn't face some litigation.  But I'd make an argument that the "deeper pockets", that of the car dealer, is going to be at the front of that line.  


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