"Dual Credit Cards"

"Dual Credit Cards"
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Will a double credit card on the same account (meaning 2 cards with the same company) make any difference in overall credit utilization?


Hi @kendra.eichholz

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, so I’ll address a couple of scenarios:

  • Two cards that both go onto the same bill. This could be a joint account in which each account holder has a card, or an account with a primary cardholder and an authorized user. In both cases, the account has a single line of credit, and charges on both cards are counted against that line of credit. So credit utilization on the account is the combined charges on both cards divided by the account’s credit line.
  • Two different cards from the same issuer. For example, say you have a Chase Freedom and a Chase Sapphire Reserve. You will have a separate account – with a separate credit line – for each card (although you may access them online through a single username). Your credit utilization is calculated separately for each card. So, let’s say you have a $10,000 credit line on the Freedom with a $4,000 balance, and you have a $20,000 line on the Reserve with a $3,000 balance. You credit utilization on the Freedom is 40% and the utilization on the Reserve is 15%. You do NOT have a combined “Chase utilization” of 23% ($7,000 / $30,000).

Hope that helps!