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Features of NerdWallet
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I just recently started using NerdWallet, so I’m still new to this app. I received a notification on my phone that I had a “new delinquency” added to my NerdWallet account, but when I login to try to see what it could possibly be, I can’t find the information anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Wow, that is frustrating, @Kimber9278! I’ve alerted our UserOps folks and hopefully someone will get back to you quickly.


Hi Kimber,

I work on NerdWallet’s member support team and wanted to follow up with some information that might help clarify.

Have you reviewed your “credit report payment history” section? You can find this section by navigating to the “Credit Score” page (under “Profile” on the left-hand side), scrolling down to the “Credit Factors” section, and clicking on “Payment History.”

Any late payments should be marked there. You would also see the payment status in the accounts section of your credit report.

If you still aren’t seeing any delinquent accounts, please send us a message at support@nerdwallet.com and I’d be happy to take a closer look. Screenshots of what you’re seeing are always helpful! :slight_smile: