Fifth Third Bank Trio

Fifth Third Bank Trio
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credit card verification

This is my first offer from 53 Trio credit card in mail with pre approved for everything. I applied and got the card. In order to activate the card, I went online but that did not work then I called the number. They asked me few questions and finally they flagged potential fraud and asked me to go to branch to verify. I do not drive and work M-F 9-5ish, so my husband drove me to 53 branch on Saturday. Personnel there transfer us to see 3 different employees and finally last one was the right one. He asked for credit card number, current address, social security, occupation and drivers license number entered in 53 database and then called fraud detection department. Unfortunately, they also work at the same time as rest of the world works. But he told me do not worry you can call them on Monday. I entered some crucial information and once they see that I entered all information they can understand they went to branch and will activate your card. I called them on Monday and they clearly said you have to go to branch again and only M-F 9-6*. Now I have to take PTO just to activate this card :slight_smile: OR most probably I will just keep it somewhere safe. I hope fraud department works 1 less hour on week days and work on Saturday for few hours OR they have ability to make some online notes where branch employees can verify themselves and enter notes for corporate (this is very easy/cheap in terms of IT and implementation).