Get removed as an authorized user for high balance card

Get removed as an authorized user for high balance card
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I was added as an authorized user to a credit card (Chase Freedom Unlimited) that at the time was in great standing with regard to credit usage, which initially skyrocketed my credit score. As a result I was able to apply for and get approved for my first credit card (Chase Sapphire Preferred). Since then the primary account holder has run into things that has required them to increase their balance by a large sum. Their usage for that card is now at 61%. My usage in my Chase card has never escalated above 5%. I generally pay off my balance completely every month. But because of their high usage my overall usage is sitting around 50%, thus negatively impacting my score. I am thinking about getting removed as an authorized user, but the catch is that is my longest line of credit at 22.5 years. Allowing the average age of my credit to be 10.8. If I remove myself as an authorized user my longest line of credit will be 8.8. I am trying to determine if I should remain on as an authorized user for the credit history or get off because of the usage. Which is/will help/hurt my score more? Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi @amtalley2014! Your instinct here to remove yourself as an authorized user is a good one.

Credit utilization has a much larger effect on credit scores than age of accounts, so the benefit from dropping your overall utilization is likely to outweigh the effect of lowering your average age of accounts.

The authorized usership did its job — you were able to qualify for your own card. And it sounds like you’re managing that card really well, with low utilization and paying in full. You could try dropping off the other account to see the effect on your credit, then ask to be restored if needed.

Let us know how it goes!


Thank you so much for the feedback! Will definitely be sure to update when changes take place!