Help deciding on a credit card for large purchase

Help deciding on a credit card for large purchase
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Any help/advice would be appreciated.

My wife and I are building a house and we will need to purchase appliances within the next 6 months. I am estimating those to cost $6,000-7,000. I currently have the Citi Double Cash back card which gets me 2% cash back. Ideally I can get a card thats 0% APR for a year and has some rewards aspects to it. Next year we need to travel for two weddings. The hotels that these weddings are at are small boutique type hotels. So if there is a travel card that you would recommend, I would need to be able to get travel rewards in the form of a credit, rather than having to book through the credit card’s site.

I am open to any suggestions/advice. Maybe the best advice is to use my current double cash back card, but I would prefer to have a 0% APR card so I can pay it off over the course of a few months. I always pay our credit card bill in full each month.