Help! Old medical bill. What can i do. Thank you

Help! Old medical bill. What can i do. Thank you
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This summer I received a summons for an old medical bill I thought was paid by my Medicaid. It wasn’t. Since then I’ve been back and fourth with the collection agency and Medicaid. This week they are approving me for retroactive Medicaid. However court is on the 17th. I don’t know if the approval paper that says to resubmit the bill will be here in time. What can I ask the judge to give me a little time? I only make 140 a week. Can they garnish that? I’m so scared. Scared out of my mind. Medicaid is so slow. The lady at the collection agency is so rude. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m a big bundle of stress. Please help! BTW I’m in NYS. Thank you.


lacyjay1212, I’m sorry you’re losing sleep over this.

If your weekly income is $140, you should be exempt from garnishment. You can read more about it in this easy to understand guide to the rules around garnishment.

It may help for you to know more about what debt collectors can and cannot do.

In some courts, you may be able to request a continuance. If you can’t get a continuance, explain to the judge your situation. Even if the judgment goes against you, there may be a delay between the court’s ruling and when a collector is able to take action. Ask the judge what you should do if you later can produce the letter.

You’re doing the right thing by showing up in court; otherwise, the debt collector wins by default.

And you are within your rights to ask the collector to stop contacting you.

Good luck with this.