Help with account info

Help with account info
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Just got notified that a derogatory account was removed from credit report but I still have the same accounts in derogatory account section.

Can someone please explain?


Hi there :wave: welcome to the NerdWallet community - we’re really happy that you’re here.

To clarify, did the notification you received about the derogatory account being removed come from NerdWallet? Somewhere else?

Knowing this might help shed some light here! :flashlight:


From nerd wallet.

Message description “ A derogatory mark was removed from your credit report. Rejoice!” In those exact words. Usually when I get that message there’s a Derogatory mark delected but not this time around


Thanks for the reply!

If you don’t see any change reflected in your number of derogatory accounts after your next score update, please send us a note at so we can take a closer look.