Hospital never sent a claim to my insurance

Hospital never sent a claim to my insurance
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I was hit by a car last year, it was a hit and run.
The hospital told us it’s a no-fault and that the insurance company would cover it.
Couple months go by, I got a letter from the debt collectors.
After a long process, i found out that the hospital never sent a claim to the insurance.
We got in touch with the hospital and they told us that they will send the claim to the insurance.
(We have called the hospital multiple times, left countless messages. And twice they said we will send it to the insurance company. Yeah that never happened. But I had thought this problem was solved)
Now 6 months later, I’m still getting calls from the debt collectors.
Is there anything else I can do?
I find this to be unfair cause they told me and the insurance that they would send a claim, but still never have.
This is kind of overwhelming I just turned 18 and now I potentially have a debt.


Getting calls from collection agencies can be so scary, @mrcraigslist1. One thing you should know is that some hospitals and medical providers have basically turned their billing procedures over to collectors. They might have a collector start calling just a month or two after they send out the first bill. Calls from collectors about medical bills don’t mean that they will wind up your credit reports and hurt your credit, at least not for awhile. Plus, you have protections under federal law. If this bill does wind up on your credit report, it should be deleted as soon as insurance pays it. But obviously we want to prevent it from getting that far.

It’s really important that the claim get filed in a timely manner. Please call your insurance company and ask if you can file the claim yourself, using the bill you were sent. At least that would get the process started.

Usually we tell people to contact the hospital and asked them to take back the debt. That’s possible, because hospitals typically use debt collectors that work on consignment. With other collections, the debt has been sold and the creditor won’t take it back.

Given the crappy customer service you’ve already experienced, though, you might just experience another runaround. I would be seriously tempted to pay a few hundred bucks to an attorney to write a letter for you. Sometimes an attorney’s letterhead will put a fire under the billing department in a way that nothing else will. Consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney. They aren’t just for bankruptcies–they understand federal credit laws and protections as well as those of your state.

Your state insurance commissioner could be helpful – some are, some aren’t – so it may be worth making a complaint there.

Hope that helps you with a starting point, at least. Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions and let us know what happens.