How an I build a credit history if I have no credit?

How an I build a credit history if I have no credit?
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I’m 25 and have been paying for college and rent for the past 7 years out of a trust fund. I was under the impression this would be helping me build credit but apparently not.


Get your utilities accounts into your name if they’re not already, open a credit card and pay it off in full every month (set up autopay to ensure this), and sign up for a credit monitoring service like Credit Karma.
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Adam C. Harding, CFP
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If you have no credit you may need to apply and open a secured credit card. (which requires a deposit) Some secured card lenders will return your security deposit once your score reached a certain threshold. If you can add yourself as an authorized user on someone else’s card; this could also help to build you credit. (just make sure they have never been late and are using less than 30 percent of their credit card limit.)
David Atkinson
Certified Credit Counselor


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