How can i build my credit score

How can i build my credit score
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please i really need help on building my credit score


Hi there :wave: Welcome to the community - we’re so glad you’re here!

There are a few ways to build credit without breaking the bank.

A secured credit card could be helpful. If you’re not familiar with secured credit cards, here’s how they work: After you apply and get approved for the card, you’ll be required to put down a cash deposit. This deposit is for collateral, and usually the amount you put down is the amount of the credit line you’ll get (so, if you put down $200, you’ll get a $200 credit line).

Being added as an authorized user to someone else’s credit card(s) can be another affordable method to help improve your credit score. You’ll need to find a trusted individual with good credit who would be willing to add you on their credit card account. This individual does not need to be a family member - it can be anyone you trust. It should be a someone you trust because if they don’t manage their accounts well, that could possibly harm your credit score as well (which is the opposite of what you’re aiming for!).

This resource goes over the basics of credit-building:

It would help to know more about your current situation - are you just starting out, looking to re-build?