How do I get a personal loan with bad credit?

How do I get a personal loan with bad credit?
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I need to get a personal loan to cover an emergency ($40K)
I have a 591 Transunion credit score and I’ve been rejected from bank loans and several online credit loans.

Where can I go to get a personal loan that is willing to take someone with poor credit?

I’m confused with the Credit Unions as I’ve never applied to any, I live in NYC but I don’t know where to start even. I appreciate all your feedback!


Welcome to the community — and sorry to hear you’re having some difficulties.

Here’s a resource about credit unions that might be helpful: Credit Union Personal Loans Often Cheaper, More Forgiving. It would be worth at least contacting a credit union to find out about membership and whether (and how soon) you’d be eligible for a loan.

You didn’t mention the nature of the emergency you’re trying to cover, but if it’s medical debt, there are some ways to manage those bills.

This story on finding debt relief might also be useful. If your overall financial situation is precarious, I’d suggest taking advantage of the free consultation offered by nonprofit credit counseling agencies. You don’t have to commit to or pay for anything up front, and you might get some valuable advice about how best to proceed.