How I Ditched Debt story: Holiday bills add up to breaking point

How I Ditched Debt story: Holiday bills add up to breaking point
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In this year’s first How I Ditched Debt story, read about Anthony and Jhanilka Hartzog’s breaking point and how it inspired them to pay off more than $114,000 in debt!

We want to hear from you:

  • What part of their story resonated with you?
  • Have you struggled to create your own budget?

:dog2: And how cute is that dog in the photo? Hit reply and let us know!


That was a good story people think these days that its easy to make money from using apps. The part about

“Everyone wants a sexy side hustle. But the best way to make more money is to work more. So we just worked more.”

I tried doing ride-share apps and walking dogs or pet sitting but I maked more extra money by just working more hours at my regular fulltime job without the hassle of doing all the other stuff. I guess not everyone can do that though. What kind of dog is that is that a cattle dog?


Budgeting is still such a struggle for me. Last year, I even sat down and put together a comprehensive breakdown of my monthly expenses and plugged everything into a beautiful chart that I could update as I spent throughout the month. I don’t think I looked at it after the first week.

I generally keep an eye on my balances and otherwise don’t like to look at my spending too closely (in other words, I bury my head in the sand :see_no_evil:). While this is a habit I should definitely work to break, in the meantime, I like idea of padding my budget with extra income through a side-hustle. I don’t have a car to share, like the Hartzogs did, but I love the dog-sitting idea! :dog:

I’m lucky enough to “only” have student loan debt, but I’d really like to pay that off early, so freeing up extra cash to do so is a good incentive for me.


Looks like maybe a pit-lab mix? Either way it’s super cute :heart_eyes:


It’s interesting that they didn’t have that much credit card debt, but it was not being able to pay off the cards after the holidays that made them determined to tackle ALL their debt. They clearly didn’t want to get into the bad habit of thinking cc debt was normal, or okay. Love that.


Great article!

“Some of our biggest struggles were debates between my wife and I about how to manage our money.”

:joy: Relatable!

I’m very curious to know more about the financial class they took together - what a great idea. Seems like that could potentially be a good way to get couples on the same page financially.

The dog is adorable! I agree w/ @sara - could be a pit-lab mix - maybe @spyles knows? :dog2:


They took a Dave Ramsey course and from the sounds of it, it helped give them some good info to plan their debt payoff path.

And not sure about the dog! Definitely some kind of mix. Possibly pit-lab, but the face is a little longer than I’d imagine for that…I’ll look into it more. :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking it out. We have a few “Sexy” side hustles but those take time to build. We did it the old fashioned way, by picking up more jobs. More jobs = More immediate money.

And our dog blue you are correct, Australian cattle dog, mixed with a Chow


Thank you for checking out the article. Yes when we went holiday shopping and realized we over spent, that was the major changing point for our story.

In hindsight credit cards put us on this journey!



We took financial peace university with Dave Ramsey. Check it out here -

9 week course about learning the basics.

Blue is a cattle dog & Chow.

Our plan is to teach one of those classes down the line as a way to give back.



Thanks for checking out our article.

I highly recommend staying away from the pretty and getting to the gritty lol. (Not a bad quote).

Our budget did one thing, it budgeted, no charts , no debt, just budgeting. I started a page to help others by sharing my stories and things we’ve learned along the way.


thought so! cute dog. i like your website btw. thinking of starting a cleaning business side hustle - probably for offices.