How long can you work remotely abroad before it becomes a HR/Legal issue

How long can you work remotely abroad before it becomes a HR/Legal issue
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I recently began a new job working remotely for a US company, my spouse is from Europe and we travel there frequently to visit family. For a previous job, I worked remotely from there for up to two weeks at a time about once a year without issue, but my new employer seems to think there are HR/Legal issues and are hesitant to allow me to do this. Does anyone know the rules on this?


Hi mklauritzen, and congratulations on the new job!

Two weeks doesn’t sound like a terribly long time to work abroad, but I don’t know for sure whether there are any legal or tax implications.

As a fellow remote worker who loves the idea of working from Tuscany a couple of weeks each year, I’d be curious to know the answer to this as well :smile: Hoping someone else who has experience with this will chime in!


I’ve done this as well, both when I ran my own business and as an employee.

In any remote situation, there can be tax issues because you’re often supposed to withhold/pay taxes in the place where the money is earned. Worker’s comp is another complication–what happens if you’re injured on the job? Then there are data/network security issues, which get more complicated with remote employees.

Businesses with remote employees and good legal/tax advisors work out these issues for the areas where their remotes live, but I could understand not wanting to deal with the complications of working temporarily overseas.

Not sure this would work, but in previous jobs with not-so-generous vacation policies, I’ve negotiated more time off in lieu of raises. If you’re doing a good job and they want to hang on to you, they might be amenable. Having both worked and vacationed in Europe…I’d much rather vacation!