How to update account

How to update account
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Hi! I started a nerdwallet account 4 days ago, downloaded app, n synced accts. It’s not updating, just kind of stuck on old info. Is there a way to update, so I have current info? It’s kind of hard to track spending without an update… Thank you!!!


Welcome to our community, @fergiefreed! We’re so excited to have you :nerd_face:

Happy to help get to the bottom of the issue you’re experiencing! It sounds like your bank account is connected, but the transaction information hasn’t been updating since connection.

Sometimes there may be an interruption in our connection with a specific bank that can prevent new transactions from updating. If the account is properly connected and you’re not seeing any sort of error messaging, then I’d first suggest manually refreshing the account.

Here’s how:

  • Log into your account through our mobile app - the refresh option isn’t available on web just yet.

  • Navigate to the accounts tab (hitting the ‘more’ button first) and locate the account in question.

  • Clicking into the account will take you to the overview page, and you should see a little blue arrow refresh button under the account name. Hitting it should force a manual account refresh and hopefully pull in newer information.

If this still doesn’t work, please reach out to using the email connected to your NerdWallet account, and our team will help dig into this further!