How would a hard inquiry affect a N/A credit that I'm starting to build?

How would a hard inquiry affect a N/A credit that I'm starting to build?
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Hello Nerdwallet community! This is my first post and question here and I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with any information.

How would a hard inquiry affect my credit if I current have no credit history, I just ordered a secured credit card that will arrive next week, my score is N/A and I’m looking forward to build my credit. A little about me I just moved to this country about 2 years ago, but was studying and staying in dorms and with friends the whole time so never had any credit history.

So I wanted to open a Charles Schwab checking account, and I’m really excited about their free ATM worldwide feature, the only thing though is that they do a hard credit pull, and I’m still in the process of building credit, I don’t have any credit scores at the moment, but ordered my first secured card to start building credit slowly.

If I apply for that Charles Schwab checking account + brokerage and they do a credit check while I have no credit, and I get approved (because they don’t care probably?) would that affect the credit that I’m trying to build? for example would my first score be 680 instead of 700 for example because I had hard credit pulls before I even had a score? Or it shouldn’t have any affect at all since it was before I had any credit line?

Thanks you so much in advance :slight_smile:


You pretty much have to have credit inquiries to start building credit, @mabding, so I wouldn’t worry too much.