I’m DEAD! Deceased SS?

I’m DEAD! Deceased SS?
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NerdWallet killed me. I just tried logging in, score 300, states I’m using a deceased persons Social Seciurity number. Well that’s great, died and this is how I find out.


Hi there - thanks for reaching out, I can definitely see how that would be confusing!

When you log into your NerdWallet account, the credit score and report information you’re seeing is provided by TransUnion (one of the three major credit bureaus in the United States). For privacy and security reasons, NerdWallet employees can’t view or update any of your credit report information.

Credit bureaus occasionally have outdated or incorrect personal information. The best place to start in this situation would probably be calling TransUnion’s Special Handling Unit at 800-916-8800 where you can confirm they have your correct information and that your status is correct in their system (IOW, that you’re most definitely alive!)

Please feel free to reach out gain once you chat with them; we’ll be happy to help further!


Seems you’re pretty lively for being a dead person. I usually have the reverse of feeling dead but still have a heartbeat.

If you’re report is showing you as deceased, check with SS as well as all three credit agencies. If they have you as deceased, it usually is because one of your creditors reported it as such, the SSA did, or someone keyed in the wrong SS number at the credit agency when they received a creditor deceased letter. Contacting them via letter with proof of life or contacting them and uploading required documents will help get your back into the land of the living. Not sure what it would do to your score though. One of the vets I know had that issue but he ignored it for months and is paying the price now.


Been there, done that. When to Transunion, created an account, verified all of my data. Nothing erroneous to dispute, very much alive. I cancelled my account with nerdwallet, recreated, gave phone number for code…responded with: telephone number had been used already…DUH…I had an account until nerdwallet reported me dead——transunion credit report had no such information!!!


Hi @ra3001! We can take a closer look at your account from this end; can you email support@nerdwallet.com: make a note that you had an earlier account and then opened a new one, and ask for Emily. I can take a closer look from this end and also liaise with TransUnion if you need, but email is an easier way for us to communicate!