I need some assistance choosing my next CC

I need some assistance choosing my next CC
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I currently have the following:
AMEX delta, 25k CL 0 BAL
Discover it cash back 8.5CL, 4k bal
Chase Freedom unlimited 5k CL, 0bal
Sears Citi, 8.5 CL, 0 Bal
Plus 3 other retail cards, all with 0 balances…

My question is this, i have been steady at about 740, and i am trying to get into the upper 7’s possibly low 800’s…i would like to get a new travel card to earn some travel points to use OTHER than delta, and i would also like to transfer my discover balance over to the new card to get a 0% APR fornanwhile till i pay it off…i have read so many discriptions till my eyes are crossed and am looking for a good recommendation. I do not mind a small annual fee if the benefits are there…

My plan is to use it for an everday card for gas, groceries etc to get the points…i also want the perks of either a visa signature, or a mastercard world as i am planning a big trip in 2020 over seas, and i would like to gain access to the airport lounges with my family. Thank you in advance for any recommendations!


Hi, redtab78, and welcome to the community! Several of the cards on this list offer 0% on transfers AND new purchases, although sometimes for different periods:

If you can’t pay the $4,000 off within a few months, though, I’d lean toward getting the card with the longest 0 percent offer, setting up payments to get it paid off within that period, and not making new purchases on it. You don’t want balances racking up 14%+ interest charges, since that dwarfs any reward you could possibly get. Once the balance is paid off, we can help you find a general purpose travel card.

Here’s our just updated list of best travel rewards cards:

And here’s a list of the best cards with no foreign transaction fees:

Hopefully one of our credit card experts will weigh in as well. Please let us know if you have any other questions…we love hooking people up with the best cards for their situations.


I will be paying off the last card in next couple of months, so I won’t need a 0% card. And I just learned that Chase waives annual fees so I’m leaning toward the sapphire reserve since I won’t have the fee to pay. I’m just not sure if I should do a product change or just apply for it as a new acct.


Good for you for getting that paid off! Are you military? I understand Chase waives annual fees for active duty. But it sure as heck didn’t waive MY annual fee! That $450 was on my first statement. In fact, it was on my account before I’d even received the card.


To clarify I COULD pay it off…so that may be what I do to help… and since I m military I can get the SCRA through chase. Hope that answers how I can get waived fees


Wow! $450 a year for the Chase Sapphire Reserve? I hope it’s worth it. LOL


But back to the original question, will opening a new CL boost my credit to the upper 700’s or lower 800’s? I’m assuming it will somewhat improve but I’m not sure by ow much or if that’s even worth it…I will be purchasing a home in late 2020 so while I’m looking for the travel rewards I also am trying to get a better loan rate when the time comes…

I’m aware of the AZEO method and will be doing that about 60 days out to boost that extra little bit, I just feel like if I push hard now it will be all that much easier later


Obtaining another credit card will do very little to your credit score. In fact, I too am getting a mortgage later this year, and my mortgage lender, who also does the underwriting, said less is best when it comes to open accounts.

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. Best advice, pay off all balances on all of your credit cards. Then use them sparingly showing a maximum UR of 3-5% monthly. When it comes time to apply for a mortgage you’ll be gold.


It is for me, because there’s a $300 travel credit and some other nifty benefits! But if you don’t travel a lot/spend a lot, there are probably better options.


A new credit card could add incrementally to your scores over time – and many would envy your ability to get the CSR without an annual fee! With a home purchase, though, you don’t need your scores to be in the high 700s, just above 740.

You want to make sure you’re looking at the right credit scores, however. Mortgage lenders use an older version of the FICO formula, which will be different from the TransUnion VantageScore you see at NerdWallet. You can purchase the different versions of FICO from myFICO.com. I might buy at least one bureau’s FICOs now, so you see how they can vary, and then maybe by all three bureaus’ FICOs about six months before you plan to buy the house so you can make sure you’re in the right ballpark and finetune your strategy, if necessary.


Do you think paying the monthly fee to myFICO.com (3-Bureau Monitoring Plus Monthly Credit Reports for $39.95) is wise choice? Do you subscribe to this service?


Hi, wleach313

I don’t subscribe to it. However, I do check my credit reports annually, I have frozen my credit, and I monitor scores via free services.


Www.experian.com has a free membership that enables you to soo your experian for fee monthly, and they offer a premium upgrade for 19.99 or a different one with more benefits for 24.99…the premium enables you to get all 3 reports and it also updates your experian daily as well as send you alerts to your phone every time anything happens to your score. I use the free version from them as well as a credit monitoring service from USAA for $9.99/month. I get free reports from all 3 agencies monthly as well as a phone call anytime a new account is opened to verify it was me that did it, but you have to be a USAA member to get that service. So that could save you $10 over myfico if you went with the experian…they also have an app you can download on your phone to monitor more closely if you want that is free.


Thanks for sharing your experience, @redtab78. I’ve had a number of credit monitoring services over the years, always provided free as the result on some breach or other. I didn’t find any of them to be more helpful than the services anyone can get for free, including NerdWallet’s. (At one point, I had seven or eight different services, which led to a ridiculous number of alerts every time I applied for a new card or loan.) NerdWallet tracks my TransUnion report and score, as does CreditWise from Capital One. I get my Experian alerts from both Experian and Wells Fargo (which also offers a free FICO). Discover also offers a free FICO to anyone, based on Experian data. I don’t currently have anything monitoring Equifax, but I check that report annually through www.annualcreditreport.com.

Here’s more on free scoring services: