Interest Fees vs Credit Score, With a Twist!

Interest Fees vs Credit Score, With a Twist!
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So I understand that typically it makes the most sense to pay the higher interest debts first because you will pay less interest in the long run and usually credit cards have a higher interest rate than personal loans.

In my situation, however, my personal loans have a slightly higher interest rate than the credit cards with the highest interest rate. I get that I will save $ in the long run by following the above strategy, and I won’t be taking on any more credit so theoretically my credit score shouldn’t matter much right now, but some apartments have a minimum credit rating for applicants, so this is a worry for me.

Additional factors: The difference in APR between my highest rate personal loan and highest rate credit card is less than 1%. None of my accounts are past due, but my credit cards are definitely over 30% utilization, nearly full, in fact.