Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve worth it?

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve worth it?
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Hi All,

A quick question: is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card worth the annual fee? I currently use preferred and am deciding whether to upgrade…


Hey Chet.Richaldson1!

That’s a great question and one that I hear often as a credit card writer. Ultimately it depends on how much you’ll be able to take advantage of the additional perks that come with the Chase Sapphire Reserve vs the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

For me personally, the biggest reason to have the CSR over the CSP is that I can use up that $300 travel credit that comes with the CSR pretty quickly. That makes my net cost of ownership $150 ($450 annual fee but minus that $300 travel credit.)

That extra $55 over the CSP’s $95 annual fee is worth it as I carry several other Chase credit cards and I aggregate all of my Ultimate Rewards points onto the CSR and then redeem for 50% more value on travel. If i have $500 worth in rewards, I can book $750 worth of travel. The CSP lets you redeem for travel at a 25% increase in value, so that $500 in rewards would be worth $625. Since most of my travel is as a family of 4, I need to squeeze as much value out of my rewards as possible.

One thing to consider if you are interested in getting the CSR is that if you upgrade from the CSP, you won’t be eligible for the sign-up bonus on the card. You may want to consider applying for it as a new card and downgrading your CSP to a no-annual fee card and just sticking it in a drawer to use occasionally (especially if you’ve held that account for a long time, keep that line of credit open, closing it may have an adverse impact on your score)

Here’s a few resources that might be helpful for you as you consider if it’s worth it:
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Also, here are some reviews of both cards to help you compare the benefits and perks of each one:
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Hope this helps!


(Card details are current as of 6/26/19)


+1 to what @rfrankel wrote. I review each of my credit cards each year to make sure the rewards & perks outweigh the annual fee, and so far the CSP has made the cut. The Priority Pass lounge membership isn’t that useful in the US – lounges often are “full” to PP cardholders – but it’s been quite helpful overseas.


Thanks so much, huge help!


True, I’ve found this to be the case at some US airports. Lately however, some airports feature a PP restaurant voucher instead. In DCA and ATL, I was happy to receive vouchers for upwards of $50. Easily enough for a meal plus a beer or two. A little more crowded and loud than a proper lounge, but better quality food and drink selection. That definitely factored in to the annual fee on my CSR.