Linked account issue

Linked account issue
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My family shares a bank account with me. My mother and brother have their own checking and savings accounts within the account. We all live together. How do I change the settings so that my linked account shows only my money? I love that it thinks I have $50k saved… but unfortunately that is not true :joy::sob:


Hi Bekahgrace96! :wave: Welcome to the NerdWallet community - we’re so glad you’re here!

Here’s how you can hide accounts:

  • On the accounts page, under each account, you’ll see the option to hide or unlink the account. Select “Hide” for the ones you don’t want displayed.

Those accounts will still be visible on your dashboard, but they won’t be considered in spending or balances, and they won’t update. Hidden accounts will show as greyed out, and if you ever miss feeling like you have $50k saved you can toggle “Show” back on if you want them reconsidered! :moneybag:

(Unfortunately, it’s not possible to un-link accounts connected to the same bank at this time, but this is a feature that’s on our radar, so keep an eye out for it in the future! :telescope:)