Linking bank accounts

Linking bank accounts
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When i first signed up with Nerdwallet i was not able to link my bank account but eventually it did get fixed and was working fine. Now it is saying it can not link to my bank and keeps giving me a error. Has anyone else had this problem.


Sorry you’re having that problem, @jatencio2010. I’ve asked somebody from user operations to weigh in. Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon.


Okay, here’s the scoop: please email and let them know the problem and the name of the bank you’re having trouble linking to. They’ll take a closer look from there.


I have been thru this before it took a couple of weeks for the 3rd party to get it fixed. What i don’t understand is how did it come unlinked from my bank.


Hi there :wave: thanks so much for your patience - it can definitely be frustrating when accounts come unlinked (happened to me recently!) It looks like our team has escalated this and should be in touch again shortly with an update.

Thanks again for your patience!