Mom Added me to Her Sam's Credit Card and Passed Away

Mom Added me to Her Sam's Credit Card and Passed Away
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My mom added me to her Sam’s account over 10 years ago and she recently passed away and have since learned it was upgraded at some point to a credit card. She has a $3,000 balance. I’ve never used the credit card and never had a card in my name under her account, just the Sam’s club portion. I want to be removed from the account and don’t want to be responsible for repaying her debt. What should I do?


We’re so sorry for your loss, @NYCGirl2019. It is never easy to lose your mom, and it sucks to have a financial worry on top of it.

As an authorized user, you are not responsible for this credit card debt – your mom’s estate is. The executor of her estate is supposed to notify the credit card company of her death, close the account and pay the debt using the assets (money and property) she left behind. If she didn’t own much, the creditor might not be paid or may only be paid a portion of what’s owed.

I’d be concerned that this debt could be negatively impacting your credit, though, if payments aren’t being made on it. Can you contact the executor of her estate and asked them to remove you?