Mortgage Help? One document away from being homeowners but it's through VA

Mortgage Help? One document away from being homeowners but it's through VA
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My husband and I have been on here on and off. We are finally in Ohio and one document away from being homeowners. Issue is, we need an award letter stating he is getting disability from the VA for an income. I just got a second job but I don’t think they will count it in lieu of his income unless i have had both for a while. The question is, with the closing date being March 1st and his VA appt. being the 27th, it is cutting it close to prove his income. Is there a way we could use a different document until we have his award letter? Or is there a loophole that I could use my two incomes since the second job i picked up will be full time in a month?


Welcome back, @Ladyroses! The best person to answer this might be the loan officer that’s handling your loan. If that person can’t help, ask for a supervisor. The rules (and lender flexibility) can vary by the type of loan. Can the closing date be moved back, if necessary?


It’s already been moved back. The March first date is the second time because we had to get student loans deferred and his DD2-14. And it’s the mortgage company that wanted the award letter. They have a copy of his DD2-14 plus I have a coe, and a letter from the VA when he first got his ratings. But it’s not the award letter he gets when he is all the way out so they asked for it. But it’s not available until right before closing so I was hoping they could go by my two jobs if I got a letter of employment since it will be full time.


Going out on a limb here. I’m a vet on disability so I may be able to help some. If you are on you will be able to access his disability documents as well as the award letter (if previously requested) in documents. If you are unable to see anything when you log in, switch browsers… The windows Edge browser is the most reliable to see it and other browsers sometime blank out the page.

From the VA site:

Apply online

To get your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) online, please go to the eBenefits portal. If you already have login credentials, click the Login box, and if you need login credentials, please click the Register box and follow the directions on the screen. If you need any assistance please call the eBenefits Help Desk at 1-800-983-0937. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 8am to 8pm EST.


Yeah he on e benefits but they’re saying he can’t get it yet because his last day active is February 27th. I logged on hoping but it’s not available yet. I’m calling the VA office Monday to see if they can help because that’s like two days before our closing date.


Nothing much that can be done then until Feb 27th. Unfortunately, the VA won’t give out the award letter until he is officially transferred off of active duty. As of midnight on Feb 28th, he will transfer from active duty to VA control and the award letter can be generated if verified by the VA doctors. But that sometimes take 3 days to 2 weeks depending to show up online based on how backed up the VA is for processing for it to show up online.

Not sure if it will work, contacting a VA social worker and/or patient advocate may be the best bet if you go in and explain the situation. A VA social worker may have methods to issue an award letter or even a letter of intent based on military medical records. The patient advocate, though not directly in the process of award letters, have the ability to contact higher level supervisors and managers that handle claims and documents for the VA and may be able to short circuit the system to get the letter awarded. If you are near a VA hospital, that would be the best place to get with a VA social worker or patient advocate.

And I apologize, I pasted the wrong section on my previous post.


No worries. Yeah I was hoping they would extend further into March but they chose the 1st. When we began the process they said the bank could work with it. I’m calling a supervisor Monday from the bank to explain the situation and see if they can do anything to help. And I’m taking the advice and calling the hospital. We shall see. Thank you so much.


Good luck. Not sure if it will work. The VA can make simple things hard to do. Been dealing with them for quite a few years and it depends more on the individual then on the rulebook at times. I have items that should of been done a long time ago that are still not complete and things that are usually stonewalled by the VA get taken care of right away just because I talked to the right person. I’ve gotten to the point where I compare getting anything done to going to a casino, the odds are in their favor but sometimes you get lucky. Depending on the disabilities, make sure you keep up with appointments and paperwork. There is nothing some people in the VA like to do is mess things up because one thing wasn’t done right or an appointment wasn’t kept.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience, @pacrat100! Navigating the VA can be a real nightmare and there’s nothing like guidance from someone who’s been there. Really glad to have you in our community!

Keep your fingers crossed for you, @ladyroses. Please let us know what happens.