Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union
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Navy Federal Credit Union

I have taken over my mothers finances and this bank ha been very helpful in accepting Power of Attorney. Also phones calls with staff have let me to update website info.

Very helpful in person and website is easy to use. Transfer of money from one account to another is made easy.


They treat customers with respect.

We have banked with NFCU for more than 20 years and love everything about it. Where we live (near military bases) there are loads of branches and phone service is always pleasant and effective. Rates are as good or better than anywhere else. Always a pleasure doing business with them.


Anytime I feel the need to see someone with a smile on their face, I just visit the nearest branch.

Best customer service imaginable.
I’ve been a customer for over 25 years and NFCU has never disappointed, or even annoyed me in any way.
Great establishment. Highly recommend them.



I do like that their over-the-phone customer service is 24/7. I’ve been to a local branch and their systems were not working. I went another time and they couldn’t print ATM cards. I also got misinformation that meant my debit card was useless.

When they’re good they’re good, but it’s not consistent.



I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about NFCU. I have been with them for approx. 29 years and have NEVER had anything was AWESOME experiences. Their customer service is always EXCELLENT and they are on top of things. Just last night, I had someone try to use my credit card. They blocked it immediately and called me to see if I had made the purchase. They just can’t be beat!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NFCU!!!


Find someone else

I am a former member of NFCU. Customer service in branches that I used ranged from good to abysmal. Regular direct deposits always hit my account a day or two later than the deposits of co-workers banking with other institutions. The process of doing business with them would always come to a stop when I was out of town/state/country or working night shift because they refused to ever do busness with my wife, a joint owner of the account, without my verbal permission even after having a power of attorney placed on file. Attempts to get financing for loans entails extraordinary unnecessary effort due to their antiquated business model. A car loan through NFCU would have taken over a week to approve while a phone call to my local Ford dealer got me a loan at the same rate in less than an hour. NFCU credit cards were useless for travel or internet purchases, as they would be locked out when used in a zip code outside of your normal spending area. My son, a current NFCU member, recently had major difficulty in trying to resolve an apparent identity theft and unauthorized access to his account while on deployment. I could go on, but why? You get the point.


I miss them

I had nfcu account. My paycheck got screwed up so I went over drawn for more than 50 days so acct closed. I went to another credit union yuck. Those other ppl are rude. I miss nfcu and I’m going back there with my paycheck. The branch here is so friendly. And I like where you are a name not a number. So I’m coming back to nfcu


this a excellent credit union

always great customer service, Online service is easy and prompt. The BEST credit union to join.


Best Ever

I’ve been in Navy Federal CU for over 40 years. Love these guys. Perfect service and any problem can be taken care with a phone call. They even call me at home if they see suspicious activity. With all the bank problems since 2008, I know MY bank will always be there and has never done any suspicious tinkering with our accounts.


Colorado Navy Fed 1 star

Had everything ok to buy a car yesterday. Told to come pick up the check. I had to drive 45 mins to the nearest branch only to find out they LOST my application and check ??? Had to redo process ,with another credit pull, and this time the price went up!!
This is the second time Navy Fed has messed up my life. First was when I was Pre-approved to buy a home GI bill. Looked for houses the whole weekend
only to be told 4 days later that we WERE NOT approved. Im sooooooooo done with this bank.
I didnt do two tours in Afghan to be treated this way at a bank that states its all for Veterans.


Horrible! Steer Clear!

I opened two accounts. One have had no problems with, but the other has been nothing but massive problems. It has cost me money, time (40 hours or more) and aggravation. The customer service people are friendly but useless. The buck keeps getting passed to others to fix the problem. They tell you one thing one day and the opposite the next day. Truly awful. I submitted an online survey they sent me and they never followed up - I guess they only want good news.


Uncaring and stupid almost beyond belief

NOT a customer, but I have wanted to be for many years. When a radio ad told me that any veteran could now belong, I rushed to apply online. Then I got an email message saying I could not be verified, and needed to submit proof of identity and address. I followed their instructions to submit a PDF of a recent bank statement and a colored scan of my Maryland driver’s license. Another email message followed, saying my documents were “blurry”. Hello! The scan was as clear as the driver’s license that you asked me to scan! But, I decide to go to a branch to show them the originals. A call to their customer service tells me there is a branch in Maryland. Good, except that my GPS unit can’t find any such address. In the interim, I applied to Capital One for a cash rewards credit card and checking account that are fee-free outside of the US. Both were quickly granted without the foolishness I encountered with Navy Federal.


easy credit approval

NFCU is very considerate of giving credit to it’s established members. Was given the highest credit limit on my visa than I ever could of thought possible. Have multiple bank accts with them all in good standing. Find it difficult to transfer money in and out is my big con with this bank. But their Customer Service is excellent. Love this CU


Super easy to use!

I’ve been banking with Navy Federal for several years now and while I’ve never actually seen a branch, the service I get from their app and customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!



I’ve been with NFCU for my entire adult life. Their customer service is the best I experience and I plan on staying with them.



They charge the customer feed when they are the ones at fault


Laurel branch is awful!

Lines always long. Staff to busy playing. I will drive an hour away when I can!

This location is a joke!



I have inquire what is needed to re-open my checking acct. I was informed that i need to pay my negative bal. I did that, they re-open my account, i waited 2 weeks for my atm card to come, i called back to inquire again and was informed that the rep shouldnt have re-open my account but should have open a new account, so i had to cancel my direct deposit and have the rep open a new checking account, waited another week, still no card, i called navy federal back again and was informed this time that an account can not be open until the credit card balance is paid. which now im furious that each time i speak with a rep they are informing me with false information. I spoke with a supervisor she said she can mail me out a atm card for my savings and once my credit card payment is made then i can reopen a new checking account but in the meantime can send out the atm card, as of today it has been 3 fucking weeks and I still have not received my card. needless to say i am calling today actually speaking with a rep as i type my complaint and am being told that they will get the card out to me express in two days. this type of service is simply unprofessional, it was an inconvenient for me and straight out an unreliable source when being told information. Navy federal do not know what they are doing at all!


All time 2nd favorite banking institution

Been with them for 10 years and with my other favorite banking institution for 30. Both are equally my favorite, however, one I have more experience. Their ATM cards are “Co-op” networked. Access to my funds (or deposits) is seemingly everywhere I travel in the continental US. I use their credit line to avoid NSF’s and their “rewards” Visa for purchases. As always with any banking institution, the APR/APY paying on my accounts could be better. Customer service? Priceless.