Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union
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Nonsense rules but all else ok

  1. Outgoing-only ACH transfers between banks: You are not allowed to transfer money in, only out. Customer service just advised me to use my other bank’s ACH transfer system to transfer the money. I have had 7 different banks through the years and none of them had this asinine restriction.

  2. Restrictions on joint account information disclosure: There was potential fraudulent activity on a joint account I share with my husband. When I called customer service they told me there was no suspicious activity with my online login but could not disclose any suspicious activity with my husband’s online login. I complained about that and they said it is to prevent spouses from making unauthorized withdrawals or by other means cheating each other. Perhaps this is to observe obscure marital property laws across their multiple states of operation, but are you serious you won’t tell me information about an account that I own?

  3. Website ease-of-use is average: The website is okay with regard to ease of use and features. I would rate it as better than credit union online banking but worse than, for example, Capital One or Chase online banking. One really nice thing is they display upcoming scheduled ACH deposits such as direct deposit.

  4. Customer service is good but sometimes frustrating: To their credit, their customer service line is very fast, the automated menu is not obnoxious, and the customer service reps are native English speakers with very good manners. However, while resolving the two issues described above their response to my asking why such-and-such seemingly nonsense rule was in place was basically a quote from the terms of service agreement.

  5. Fees: they’re pretty good about fees, especially refunding ATM fees. They don’t offer free standard checks, which some other banks I had would offer once annually.

  6. Rates: they’re average. They have 1.9% auto loans available which is good but only for a 36-month term. Savings account rates are nothing to write home about.

Overall, they’re fine but I gave them a below average rating because of those two bizarre and highly inconvenient restrictions that I haven’t seen with any other bank.


The best bank we’ve ever used. Great customer service.

I can’t say enough good things about this bank. We have used NFCU for years now and have had a car loan, chkg and savings and ccs. We are a military family of course and so that’s why we chose NFCU. A few things I’d like to mention: since the nearest branch is 100+ miles away, we have to use out of network ATMS, within days NFCU refunds us any ATM fees we may have occurred.

They have stellar customer service, more professional than any bank customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Their reps are always knowledgeable, professional and caring. When we had a car loan through them, their rates were extremely competitive. Look at their CD rates too. Only downfall is we live so far away from a branch that we cannot deposit any cash whatsoever into our account, we can only do e-deposit. Great bank, active duty/drill checks always hit earlier too as well as refunds from companies.


Raised auto loan rates

Raised auto loan rate from 3% to 15% over documents they state never received from the DMV. How does a person ensure the DMV does their tasks in a timely manner?!?


Customer Service is terrible

NFCU says it is committed to their members, and I’ve been a member since 1987 - with each passing year the customer service gets worse and worse. Good luck with getting resolution to it issue with NFCU, there are departments that won’t even speak directly with customers. The supervisors and managers are poorly trained to do their job, and I’ve been given the wrong answers to questions on multiple occasions. So, being a member has no extra perks or advantages.


Do NOT use

Lock up access when deployed…must call to access your battle pay…seriously…no phone, no internet, no kidding. Once contacted they ridicule and make you jump through hoops…filed complaint with CFPB they are THAT HORRIBLE


Very poor customer service!

I am fast becoming former customer


Never had any problems been with them for 3 years

Great apr on auto loans and outstanding customer service


Best CU

Always awesome customer service. Branches are convenient but don’t really go to branches since the app they have is very useful. Rates are very competitive, I have never run into issues with them. They do take verifying information very seriously though some may look at it as a negative but I do not.


Look elsewhere

Although they claim to be veteran friendly, my experience is that they are not equipped to help caretakers of disabled veterans. Despite significant legal documents submitted I could not open an account for my brother who suffers from a TBI and lives out of state. Did not call back when they said they would, in fact I had to reach out.


limited capability

I’ve used the credit union for over 40 years. They can handle deposit accounts well but do not trust them to do wire transfers or anything more checking account maintenance. Their loan rates are high. The credit union is not a “benefit” of being in the service. Just another credit union.


Been good to me!

Been with NFCU since the early 80’s, have had numerous auto loans and two mortgages through them and because I pay my bills on time I have never had a lick of problems from them!


The worst bank I ever got a account at

Going in and out of my account without notification poor customer sevice and you have to wait ten day for a investigation when there are cameras everywhere nor would I ever recommend this bank to a friend or family member this has been the worst service at a bank I’ve had


Average CU

Customer reps lack full knowledge when giving mortgage or CD information. Rate are on par with other CU’s and no better.


NFCU is, in my opinion, follows airlines customer service and product

Exclusively used NFCU since 1993 for multiple auto, home, credit card accounts and transactions. Since 2016 I have noticed a deterioration in the customer service, responsiveness and quality of NFCU. In late 2017 I was directed to jump through hoops prior to choosing to go through NFCU for a mortgage. Comparing their costs to others, I saved more than $8k. This is one of many examples that NFCU is going to be transitioned out of my life.


Overestimated closing costs by $20k

Horrific. They overestimated my closing costs by $20,000 and required me to have those proof of funds in my account prior to closing. I had to cash out a 401k - paying early withdrawal fees and taxes - only to find out I actually only needed $8k on the day of closing. Their customer service is terrible, when I demanded an explanation for the gross miscalculation I was told they wanted to make sure they disclosed everything because if they underestimated they’d be liable. Well that must be nice…lying to and inconviencing customers in order to CYA. Read reviews before going with them for a mortgage, this seems like a repeat occurrence. As soon as I can I’ll be going elsewhere.


Working with Navy Federal Credit Union is a nightmare. They reel you in with higher points and spit you out with misinformation, worst customer service, be ready to be laughed at and be treated like a child by there loan officers, as you lose money.

If you ask for information in writing they will not provide it to you. They will use different members to tell you different false facts in order to overwhelm you with BS. They do not take accountability for the member statements unless it benefits the Union. They will not work on your behalf but on the profit gains of the Credit Union, yes he said she said is easy when they provide no written information and they have been getting away with this for years, Until 2016- but they haven’t changed.


Satisfied Customer

I’ve been with Navy Fed for a number of years and they’ve always been good to me. Their rates are very competitive.


Great people & bank

I’ve been banking with Navy Fed since I was a kid and their customer service team has done a lot throughout the years to educate me on my banking options and how things work. I’ve had 1 or 2 negative experiences in all my years banking with them and it was responded to immediately by a supervisor. Free ATM in all 7/11’s and mobile banking is all I need.


Greatest bank thus far

They saved me! I moved to Pennsylvania where there is no navy federal. I was visiting my hometown and ended up losing my debit card. Fortunately there was a navy federal in the area who printed out another debit card within 5 min for me. I don’t know no other bank that can do that. I love my bank. # navyfederal


Online Access Always goes down

Online Access contantly goes down and your unable to access your account. Hard to be satisfied especially if your not close to a branch and need to access your account.