Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union
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Awesome Credit Union!

I opened my account with Navy Federal, to refinance my truck at a lower rate. I was also given a credit card!

I have had no issues with them and I quickly make payments to my accounts via their mobile app! I love banking with Navy Federal! I plan on utilizing them to receive a VA home loan in the near future!


Excellent bank

I’ve been with Navy since 2016, checking, savings, and CDs. I’ve never had any issues whatsoever with Navy and have found the reps very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help me.when I phone. The regular CD rates are nothing stunning but they keep offering specials which offer a higher than average national rate. I would recommend Navy Federal if you are qualified to join.


Misleading and Horrible Service

Loan officer led me to believe that I had secured a loan and provided documents to myself and my real-estate agent that I was all approved. I ended up working with the processing division and there all sorts of issues with my application. I met all of Navy Federal demands on documents to include their request for unnecessary documents. Navy Federal concentrated on an issue with my employment but the truth it had to deal with my debt to income ratio. I even had a co-signer on the home loan. No mention of that throughout the process. Over $3000 later and numerous letters stating that I was approved, 10 days before closing, it was stated to me that my loan was not approved. No real explanation on why all parties were led to believe that everything was good to go. Asked for the loan officer to contact me to explain, but no one has called. Asked for a supervisor, not response yet. Going to lose out on a lot more money and my family not being able to settle into a new home. Do not use this bank and even though they provide things in writing, do not believe.


Unprofessional and inconsiderate

This bank has the worst customer service out of any bank I have ever dealt with. For it to be a credit union I thought they really put their banker’s first. Customer service representatives are inconsiderate and unprofessional, and no not just one the majority that I have talked to have been this way, If you have issues with your account they move with no urgency to help you fix the problem and don’t care whether it affects you or not. Horrible horrible experience I will be leaving this bank as soon as possible.


Only been with them for 30 years

I opened this account when I was stationed overseas. Since then I have opened savings account for each child and grandchild. I have gotten car loans, Motorcycle loans, and sent wire transfers overseas. I have never had a complaint.


Only bank willing to give me 15 Yr. Mortgage

Long story short. I was buying a 130K house and put 50% down payment. I was looking for a 15Yr mortgage. No other banks wanted to do business with me because they were not making enough money. NFCU did and even lower my interest rate plus gave me a $500 bonus.


HORRIBLE Customer Service

NFCU is unfriendly and unwelcoming. They made it VERY clear to me from the outset that they didn’t need my business.


Horrible customer service

I have been banking with navy fed for over four years with direct deposit and never a problem. I had a emergency with funds stolen from my account and bills unpaid I had my estate bank send me a cashiers check to get money in my account to pay bills that had already lapsed yet they told me it would be two more business days or three days that week before I had access to the money. I asked them to call and verify the bank check was good and they acted like I asked them to give me money out of their pocket. A half hour later they told me they contacted the bank and were waiting on a call back from them. I called the branch and was told that they could easily verify the check was good if they gave them the number on the cashiers check… I continued to get the run around for another two hours and got nowhere. My only options were to wait the three days or go to a ripoff check cashing joint and pay 20% to get my money. Very sad that they think a long term patron and disabled vet that they cater to… as if… would forge some cashiers check. I am insulted and angry and will be taking my business to USAA as soon as my cashiers check clears.



Navy Federal Credit Union you should be ashamed of yourselves. So this is how you treat families of our service men and women. I’ve been dealing with these people for over 2 months now. All they did was put me off, keep me on the phone for hours, make me fax forms over and over again. They told me my check went out 5/31. Today I find out nothing went out, nothing was in my file. So I said you guys basically just lied. She said yes. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE. I will continue posting, filing complaints everywhere I can.


Poor customer service

Very disappointed to hear that my daughter ,who is currently in the Navy ,is being told that nothing fraudulent happened in her account when almost $800 was used and it wasn’t her. Nice way to stand by customer service and explain to her why or what happened. Instead she is told too bad you have no money. I feel you take advantage of young people when for the first time they are away from home and don’t have anyone near them to go through what happened. I guess that’s why the Navy credit union has grown because you steal the money from the servicemen and women who deposit their money in you institution.



I have been a customer of NFCU for almost 20yrs when I first enlisted, and remained loyal to them throughout, having received adequate support, average rates on a vehicle loan, and satisfactory customer service overall. However, my latest interaction with them this past month with our first mortgage application has opened my eyes as to just how dissatisfying this establishment is. Their staff are slow to respond, their process is inefficient and confusing, and their loan officers lack the basic knowledge of the VA loan…the one loan that a military-affiliated establishment should be the most familiar with! I am disappointed with NFCU, and will gladly be taking my business elsewhere. If I can sum up my experience with NFCU over a decade, it would have to be average, but this last experience has made it clear that even that term is generous.


Very poor customer service.

Don’t return phone calls. If they do call back or you can get someone on the phone, very slow to respond to questions. Very poor customer service. Find a better lender.


Worst financial institution

Navy Federal is by FAR the most crooked bank I’ve ever dealt with. Which probably explains why there is a class action suit again them at this time. No only did I leave the bank but I’ve had at least 5 friends transfer their accounts as well. There’s not even enough space to explain what they’ve done not only to me but others I know as well. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT trusting this institution with my funds!!!