NerdWallet Shows Credit Score 40 - 60+ Points Below Credit Bureaus

NerdWallet Shows Credit Score 40 - 60+ Points Below Credit Bureaus
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I’m confused - I closely monitor my credit score on Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Experian score 747, TransUnion 740 and Equifax 723, but Nerdwallet has it at 685. This dramatic difference has been ongoing since I first signed up.

Wouldn’t the scores reported by the credit bureaus be the most accurate? Is there a reason there would be such a big difference on Nerdwallet?


Hi kcdermody —

Is it possible you are comparing different scores (like a VantageScore vs. one of the FICO scoring models)?

NerdWallet’s score is a TransUnion VantageScore 3.0.


I’m using the score that comes directly from the credit bureaus and just read that they are all VantageScores so I would think it should be the same or at least pretty close.


Hi @kcdermody - welcome to the NerdWallet community! :wave:

Sorry to hear about the score discrepancies - I know that can be really confusing. This was discussed recently here.

As Bev mentioned, this could be related to the difference between scoring models. Also, keep in mind that we all have many credit scores, even within the VantageScore and FICO scoring systems, that vary by which credit bureau provided the data, the type of credit you may be applying for, when the score is requested, etc…

When you go through the information in your credit report does everything look correct?


Thanks for your response - I keep do keep close eye on the scores provided directly by all 3 credit bureaus on a weekly basis as I pay a monthly fee for that. Everything looks correct on each report. It seems like a very big discrepancy, they are all VantageScores.


So, I’m a little confused too! Typically if you were looking at VantageScores from the three credit bureaus, the numbers would be quite similar. There usually wouldn’t be that 20+ point gap between your Experian and Equifax scores, particularly if they were pulled on the same day. (That’s different from FICO scores, which can differ a fair amount depending on the bureau. VantageScore’s “consistency” is one of the attributes the bureaus highlighted in their early marketing of the product.)

Even though the credit bureaus created the VantageScore model and often do provide VantageScores to credit monitoring services, they also may provide FICO scores and their own proprietary scores, depending on the service. So there isn’t one score that’s provided directly by the bureaus–all scores come from bureau data, but may be created using different formulas.

If you let us know which credit monitoring service you’re using, we may be able to provide more insight on why you’re seeing such different numbers.