New in the country - Credit building

New in the country - Credit building
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How do I improve my credit score in the easiest possible way? I have a BOA credit card. should i add more credit cards ? should i open a new bank account?


Hi there - and welcome to the NerdWallet community! :wave:

You will most likely want to open a bank account if you haven’t yet. However, bank accounts are not typically reported to the major credit bureaus, so they won’t help you build credit. You can easily build credit with any active and open credit card so having a BOA card means you’re already on your way!

It’s important that you are careful to:

  • Pay off any balances that you have in full.
  • Continue to pay off your balances in full each month.
  • Always pay your bills on time.
  • Use your cards consistently - generally, just once a month should work fine. Putting a small charge on your account(s) each month and paying it off in full is a great way to build your score.

Keep in mind, the credit building process will take some time. This resource can help describe the process:

Let us know if you have additional questions about any of this. Also, knowing what your main reason is for wanting to improve your score may help you get some more detailed responses from others here! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Kevin! As Cori mentioned, the credit card you have will help you build credit. You also could beef up your credit file with an installment loan (such as a credit builder loan) and another credit card. Here’s more on credit builder loans:

What country are you from? Some of our Canadian Nerds have been able to build credit here by open US credit accounts with Canadian banks (such as RBC).