One out of Four Bank Accounts Not Linking

One out of Four Bank Accounts Not Linking
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We bank with a small local bank. I had no issues using login credentials to connect our accounts. We have 3 checking accounts and a couple of savings accounts with this bank. Every single account links except for ONE checking account which holds a substantial portion of our money.

I’ve tried unlinking and relinking multiple times.

What gives?


Hi there,

Welcome to the NerdWallet community! I’d encourage you to shoot us an email at so we can get some more information about your bank and what’s going on.

It would be helpful to know:

  1. What bank in particular.
  2. If you access all accounts with the same set of credentials (for example, when I log in to our bank with my username, I can see my son’s account, but my husband can’t on his username. He can see a credit card that isn’t under my log in.).
  3. If that checking account is a standard account or a special kind of account (money market, investing, etc).

We’ll take a look and see what we can do!