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Worst Mistake Ever But Friendly Customer Service

So I shopped around for a secured credit card to help build my credit and decided on this one. I get my card activate it and try to use it declined. So I go to the ATM and declined now I am at a lost because I know money is on the the card it was secured. So I called in got this very nice lady who explained there was a limit as to how much I can get at the ATM and due to me trying to get more than the limit there was a freeze placed on my card so she fixed it. Well after she fixes it I can get money out the ATM, but when I try to use the card again it gets declined. So I call in and the rep I get is like you must submit a copy of your bank statement until then a freeze is on your account. I am like why don’t you require my id why do you need a bank statement that’s crazy. So long story short I cannot use my card until I submit a bank statement for them to verify my spending habits.


Ok but they are horrible with posting payments early.

Very good for rebuilding your credit. I signed up in Aug 2014, paid my minimum on time every month and now my score is good enough to get unsecured credit. I was just approved for 2 Capital One cards and a Macy’s store card each with $300 credit limits.


Terrible Card

Open Sky Credit Card is a terrible credit card. If you have no credit I suggest going to a bank and getting a secured card like US bank they are a really good bank, or if you just have limited credit apply for the Capital One secured card. You can put down a security deposit of as little as 99 dollars and they report to all three credit bureas. Open Sky is terrible. They took money out of my bank account after I had canceled the payment because I didn’t have the funds in my account. I went over my credit limit one month because I didn’t realize I had only been charged a dollar at the pump instead of the full 50 dollars it takes to fill up my truck. I paid it all back in full as soon as I realized, even made my payment pay before it was due. I log on to my account to see about a grace period or getting a higher credit limit for accidents, and my account has been shut off. Called the 800 number many times dealing with people that are idiots.! This card has now brought my credit score down to a 520 and I always have paid everything, even early? All because of one slip up. I do no DO NOT suggest this card. On top of that now I am waiting to get my security deposit back it has been a while, no deposit? Seems a little fishy to me. I say this company keeps messing with the wrong people soon enough the Indians will have a lawsuit on their hands.



they take your deposit BEFORE even making a decision as to whether or not you’ve been approved. shouldn’t you have to be approved first and THEN pay? what happens if they reject me? now i have $200 tied up in a spot where i cannot use or access it until somebody over there makes a decision, however long that’s gonna take.


Awful experience

When you want to close the account, they refuse to apply the security deposit. They insist that you payoff the card first even after you lost your job and then they penalize you with late fees and more fees until the fees are more than the balance! Stay away!


What the?

This card does not even check your credit report. You do not get a hard hit for this.

It is “impossible” to be denied (possible perhaps if you put some absurd information on your application), as long as you make your minimum $200 security deposit (it is a secured card, after all).

If you can’t afford $200, then you probably shouldn’t be applying for any credit just quite yet, anyway.

My FICO score went from 550 to 640 two months after getting this card. My goal now is to get a card w/o an annual fee as quickly as possible, as that’ll be the foundation of my new “credit history”, not this card (which will be cancelled, due to the annual fee).

PS - I was approved despite having $65,000 of charged off loans on six different credit cards, 4 1/2 years ago (no bankruptcy, and still waiting for the 7 year write-off).


Be smart

Here is an idea for you guys who do not understand how to rebuild your credit: keep your purchases under 10% of whatever your credit line is. That’s how you improve your credit score. Just because you have a $200 credit limit, doesn’t mean you should use the entire limit for purchases. I applied for the card and the only thing I use it for every month (I have a $200 credit limit) is for my monthly dinner I have with a few buddies. I usually charge under $20 and then the card goes right back into my desk drawer until the following month. My credit score was 450 at the beginning of last year because of bad choices I made in my early-mid 20s and now its at 580. Get educated just as I did.



STAY AWAY from this card! I have had it since Oct of 2015 payments take several days to even post to your account like a week at least! Now all of a sudden I have mysterious charges on my account from them & they can’t seem to give me a straight answer! There are reputable companies out there with secured cards go for those. I was dumb enough to fall for credit karmas insisting on this one BIG MISTAKE! paying this crappy card off and closing account ASAP! Lets also add that since I have had this card I have spoken to 3 different account reps RUDEST employees I have ever encountered in my life! That says a lot about this company!



People such as myself that have credit issues rely on these so called secured credit cards to help build positive credit but they only scam people out of their money and make up false transactions. I paid my bill on time and still I happen to get a reversal fee without any explanation as to why. The money to pay my bill still sit available in my account and I just don’t what took place. I called customer service and their responds is the dumbest thing I heard… “Sometime their is glitches and you will have re submit your payment” but I am still stuck with a 25.00 reversal fee… You got to be kidding! Whatever don’t waste your time or money… Open sky cc is not worth the hassle we are going to small claims court, promise!!



so I went to the resturant and used my card and they told me that my card was not working. I called customer service and they said my card was blocked for fraud. I will like to know why was my card blocked 3 weeks ago for fraud and I was never notified. the worse thing is that once they block a card it cannot be unblocked. now I have to wait 7-10 business days to receive another card. why wasn’t I notified and why was I not sent another card 3 weeks ago when you blocked the first one. lucky I had cash or I would have been washing dishes.


Credit improving

My fiance got this card with a limit of 500 to help build his credit in february. His score has gone up 54 points since then and its only april 2nd. We just put a small amount on the card and pay it off in full each month. Definately recommending this to my friends and family to build credit!!!


Plastic Headache

I have had this card for about a year. I needed to boost my credit to obtain a mortgage. It did that, I am in my house now. Well, a year has past and it was renewal time. I never used the card so I was not expecting a balance on the statement. Well I sent off my check and it was 1 day late (so they say). I did not know it was a day late until the following month when my statement had the same balance due. I called and huffed and puffed and still had to send in another payment because the card has to be paid off in order to close the account. So I send this payment 2 days sooner than previous month…guess what? Yup, said it was late again. How is this possible? I have paid $90 in fees on my own money. What a disappointment this is. Now I made my payment online this time. I will be cancelling this card and trying out my new shredder as soon as I get my money back from them. Curious how long this will take.


Open sky more like hope and cry

Do not get this card they will not help your credit in fact they will ruin it had a 640 before getting this card I’ve made my payments weeks before the statement due date so far they have cost me 90 points off my credit score I now have a 550 also they have charged me over a hundred dollars in fees phone fees for processing payments I made weeks earlier late fees on on bills paid weeks prior to due date you can’t even pay your bill without a checking account and unless you pay your bill 2 months prior to due date and contact them at least 3 times and pay a 10 processing fee then your gonna receive another 25 dollar late fee and they report to your credit bureau on the last day of the month and don’t release statements till the third so they will always show late fees and payments not made every month then apply the payment after this is the worst company I have ever seen in 30 years please if you have made past credit mistakes don’t make this one stay far away from this company


Easy to obtain services are horrible

I requested my card be cancelled on June 7, 2016, because I was being charged a fee for receiving a paper bill which was incorrect I was receiving my bill electronically. I followed up on June 30, 2016 and was advise that I still had a balance of $3.00 which was preventing the closure from being processed. I was told on June 07, 2016 that fee was being reverse, but it was not. The representative on June 30, 2016 advised me it would date back to the original date that I cancelled my card which was June 07, 2016. I chose to follow-up today July 09, 2016 and was advised my check will be issued 4-6 weeks from June 30, 2016. The service failure was not my error it was an error on Open Skycc and I am being penalized. I need my money, I don't have money for you all to hold hostage. Please issue my refund by July 19, 2016 according to your terms and conditions (fine print). You timely response will be greatly appreciated.


Still waiting for my card 2 months later

Everyime I call, they keep saying I need to wait another 7-10 business days. It’s been 50 days since I got approved. After 30 days I called to order a new card because I figured it got lost in the mail. After waiting 20 more days for it, I am currently on the phone with them and they are saying they mailed it out 4 days ago. That I should give it until next week Friday. If they mailed it 4 days ago…what were they doing for 16 days??? I received 2 (already paid $35 annual fee) bills and a letter from them already…why not the card?? This card is a SCAM!! STAY AWAY!!


worst card ever … website issues > good luck logging in

i first got to say i am so tired of the web site glitches and also so frustrated with them holding a check for 10 days before it post on my account and i pay my bill monthly online,i will pay this card off and then i will be done,worst card ever


Great card

I started with a credit score of 534 and 5 months of paying this card I now have a fico of 610


Past client.

Absolutely the worst customer service ever. Too much cost involved. When I closed my account they said it would take 3-4 weeks to get my money back. Then when it did not come in I called and they said 4 - 6 weeks. Now they are saying 6 - 8 weeks.


They keep your money for 10 weeks

They over charge on fees and have terrible customer service.

Stay away!