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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Great card

Helped me raise my credit and loving it!!


Good first choice

After messing up my credit. They were my first choice in helping repair and they have helped me a lot.


Help me Jumpstart my Future

I was a little skeptical at first seeing other reviews but I’d figured try it for myself and I’m so glad I did. No credit check was such a great plus for me because based upon my past credit history I wasn’t able to get approved for any other credit card. My secured amount was $400 which at that time I thought was alot but since this was the only credit card I had I wished I would have put more because my utilization is so high because I was always using it. I opened my card in May 2015 by June my credit score jumped 100 points just by opening this secured credit with Open Sky. March 2016 I got approved for my first unsecured credit card thru the credit union for 500 dollars which was totally unexpected. Because of Open Sky it help it me establish my credit history. Open Sky gave me a stable foundation to have a successful future and I was able to purchase my first car in August 2016. FYI it takes 7-10 for them to process your deposit so it will not be readily available, your money will be on hold. Also it take 3days to process your payment so if you make the payment on Wednesday it will not go through until Friday so you won’t see it missing out of your account til the third day so don’t spend the money you used to make your payment . Even though I have high usage of my card almost spend the max most pay cycles I never had a late payment and I believe that is very important with help rebuild your credit or established it.It worked for me hope it works for you!!


Great for helping build my credit score.

Open Sky was the first card I’ve had in a long time. I had poor credit due to financial hardships. I now have a great job, and I needed help on getting back into the world of credit. After several months of on-time payments, I started getting other credit card offers. All because Open Sky paved the way for me to build my credit and credit score! Thank You Open Sky!


DO NOT get this card

No matter what you are reading from the other posters. I plan to pay this card off and then cancel my account. I strongly urge you to keep looking for a better card. OpenSky is not all they betray themselves to be.

I had been paying the monthly $3 for paper bills to be sent to my address. It is shown on my statement for every month that I had the card. But the second month of having the card, no bill came. I knew the payment was due and that I needed it to be on time so I had to send my payment in myself without the usual papers for paying your bill. Opensky waited 10 days to credit my account and charged me a $25 late fee. They also added a 17% interest fee to my account for my troubles. After calling in and complaining I was informed that I opted for paperless and I myself asked to not recieve the bill. All the while $3 charge for paper every month.

Month pass and I notice that I could pay online with my debit card. So I tried it out. After entering in all the correct information I got an error message fro OpenSky website. Double checking my bank account for the card I didn’t notice any deductions for the payment so I tried to pay again online. Second try worked and the bill was paid. However, even though i had an error message it still counted. Paying again on the website didn’t add another payment credit to my account it canceled the first online payment and add the new one. Charging me $25 that I will never see again.

I am calling this card a rip off. I feel that not sending a bill via the mail on your second payment is a way for them to lock in that 17% interest. I am betting that this happens to customers a lot.

After the final payment has been made to this company my card is getting cut up. No thank you, much better options are available.


Great card reports every month

The card reports every month. Easy way to make payments. Overall this is the best card out there. I have used others and they don’t report like they say they will. I’m glad to be apart of open sky.


Great credit card

This credit card is a great way to build credit if you don’t have any credit


Great card to rebuild credit

Use this card to rebuild your credit. Make more than the min. due each month to keep your cc debts below 10 percent and you will be amazed at how fast your fico score will jump.


Very good card for rebuilding credit!

Open Sky was the only credit card that I could get at the time to help me build my credit. My credit score was so low after filing bankruptcy and being in between jobs. I keep my balance low and I pay the full balance each month. Therefore, I haven’t incurred any interest. My credit score has gone up drastically in a matter of 8 months. I have since been approved for 2 other unsecured cards because of this. It is a great card to help you get back on track as long as you do right!


A place to start again

I am 49 and for most of my adult life had excellent credit, with the exception of a few youthful mistakes which were pretty easily fixed over a few months time. In 2008 I lost a really good paying job as a construction superintendent, as well as having my side business as an electrician bottom out, both being tied to the construction/housing industry which simply tanked as a result of the mortgage crisis. Fortunately, I didn’t have a tremendous amount of consumer debt, but there was a mortgage and a couple car payments. Less than a year later we had sold our house but not after months of late payments. One car was repossessed, and the other we managed to keep but paid it late as well every month. Not to mention unpaid medical bills as well, as a result of losing insurance coverage. By the time I was back working at a much reduced salary rate, the damage was done and my credit was in the 400’s. Even after a promotion and salary increase, the bills were paid on time again, and years of living on a strictly cash basis because we had no choice, my credit had not budged. Everyone(lenders) said " Get a credit card. Borrow a little money. You need some positive credit on your report." Right, And not one of them would give me a dime of credit. Someone told me about a secured card, and I put up the deposit and got this one. I have had it about 15 months now, never a late payment. Have since gotten another card with an annual fee but no security deposit, and just got another with a small limit, but no annual fees at all! Also was able to buy another car. Now my credit is in the mid 600’s and rising. This card was the new start I needed. No credit check, you will get it, all you have to do is put up the deposit. I don’t know about the benefits of this card vs. any other secured card, but this one has certainly helped me. They do report monthly to all three credit bureaus. Keep balance for sure below 30% of limit, 10% is ideal, you will be surprised how fast score will change.


Great after starting over

I love the fact that there is not a credit check. Yay, no hard inquiries! I was approved for an unsecured department store credit card just five months after opening the account. I actually applied for OpenSky after a job lost and this card has helped me out in emergencies.


Good First Card

I needed a credit card, as that was my only option for being able to purchase something at that time. Having no credit history wasn’t able to get a credit card until I found Open Sky. It was invaluable. I don’t use it much, but I’m glad I have it.


Never Too Late!

No financial guidance as a young person, a bad marriage, and lots of impulsive decisions led me to bankruptcy and a really bad credit rating. I thought there was probably no hope. But I divorced the bad guy, worked really hard to satisfy the terms of my bankruptcy, and with opportunities like the Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card, my credit has recovered exponentially! I am very grateful.


Great Card to rebuild your credit!

As with millions of Americans during the post President Bush era, the great recession took a toll on the economy as well as my credit worthiness. President Obama put the country back on track and Open Sky put my credit worthiness on the road to recovery. Now all you need to do is vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the economy on the right track. We cannot afford to go back to the Republican economics that Bush left behind. Moreover, if you want to rebuild your credit, YOU MUST GET AN OPEN SKY VISA CARD! Put your own money to work and fix your credit now!


On The Right Path To Good Credit

I had a bankruptcy in the past after I had a bad marriage then was divorced. I had late payments and my credit was poor. Now since I have had this card my credit has improved and am on a good path to success. Thanks so much for helping me rebuild my credit. The Open Sky card is the best thing to happen to my credit. I would suggest to anyone that needs to rebuild credit to go with this company.


Great to Rebuild Credit


Paying a deposit upfront for a low credit amount greatly prevents overspending while efficiently rebuilding credit.
If you pay the minimum on time there’s no extra drama (TIP: if you’re a day late always include at least an extra dollar to avoid penalties)

The only negative is that credit reports grade heavily based on “utilization”. If you’re using between 40% and higher of your total credit limit amount, it can hurt. With a $300 limit. That puts you at 50% after spending $150. ***Keep if paid down lower and pay expenses immediately when possible.

That said, I’ve gone from 502 to 670 and now have a higher limit card. I still keep this one for emergencies and because is my longest held card in “good standing”.


Great vehicle to rebuild your credit.

The road to rebuilding your credit is a slow steady climb, but this card has helped me start that journey.Thank You.


Establishing credit

For me i really didnt had credit and what my score was,at that point wasnt credit worthy, wasnt sure which way to go,so i decided to build my credit with secure card since i like to keep a limit on my expense. I went ahead n applied n long story short within the year i have diligently n on time made payments which was reported timely to the 3 credit bureau. Yea doesnt have much features but absolutely did what i needed for my credit. Now im approved unsecured credit card with Citi n Capital one with high credit limit. I still have this card which is very rarely used. Good company n helps if you choose to follow simple rule of credit card policy, timely payments,it helps to building better stronger credit. Open Sky did open the possibilities. Good luck.


This card is the first step in the right direction!

When i started with this card i had a terrible rating, somewhere around 520. My history was so bad that even most secured cards rejected me(seriously). But then i found the open sky visa, with no credit check, no monthly fees and only a very reasonable annual fee. I took a shot and transferred some money into an account with them. After only about 10 months of using this card responsibly, mainly for things like paying bills, along with clearing up some of the negative factors on my credit report, I was able to get an unsecured card with a decent limit. Open Sky even gave me additional unsecured credit on my card. Now 2 and a half years later my credit score is sitting at 745 and I’m getting ready to buy a house. i don’t think it would have been possible without this great card for a starter or someone rebuilding their credit like i was. Thanks Open Sky.


Best Credit card to start up your credit

This is my first Credit card helped me build my credit now I have several credit cards and I owe it all to Opensky thanks guys .