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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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My credit score is going up slowing but surely considering all the mess thats on there. Opensky were the only one that gave me a chance to build my credit back up. And now Im about to increase my card with an additional $200. Thank you



Rebuilding all is near, I will purchase another home, woth opensky’s help. On my way…


This Card Is Terrible

I have this card currently and they make is super complicated to pay your bill. Worst card I’ve ever had I’d recommend anything before it.


Great Credit Card

I built my credit when I was in bankruptcy with a credit score of about 500, but now my credit score is 766 by making my monthly payment on time, and never late. Excellent credit card to build your credit.


Great card to fix your credit

It’s really easy to make payments, and it raises you credit pretty fast. Love it


Highly Recommended

So currently I have an open sky card as well, my experience has been positive, my credit score was 635 about 6 months ago, I’m going on my 7th month and a huge jump to 716, huge difference, and still going. My credit limit is only 200 and I only spend about 6 dollars, the lower utilization the better, I had to learn that, so every month I spend about 6 bucks and check my score at the beginning of the next month and very please to see my score improve, I highly recommend anyone with no credit or bad credit to start with Open Sky.


Happy with this card

I’m rebuilding my credit report after several years. Thanks OpenSky : “abriendo el cielo” in spanish.



I put $200 on this card. I decided to help my mom instead of helping myself and let my cards go. Previously, I was always on time with payments and had great credit. In the past 6 years not having a credit card hasn’t affected my life but decided to get this card to rebuild my credit and for booking hotels/rental cars. No credit check and annual fee is very reasonable. I also suggest signing up an online account with places like Walmart or Ulta and make purchase on their website/use their rewards program. Make sure you log into your account when purchasing. They saw I was spending money at those stores and gave me a store credit card. That’s helped my score a little. Before that NO ONE would give me any credit, not even my bank and they actually see how much money is coming into my account each month.



Opensky has helped me so much, this company gave me my first credit card. Ive noticed my credit rising since ive been given the card. I tried multiple companies before i found this one. All other companies denied my request to get a credit card except opensky due to lack of credit history. My limit started low, around $300 bc again… I didnt have a credit history, but now my credits risen & i can raise that limit to a larger amount. Just pay the bill on time every month, and they do the rest. This is a great beginner credit card and a great company i highly recommend them. (:


Great Card

I have been with Open Sky for about 2 years and using this card in the correct way has really helped me in a long run. My credit scores are much better. I recommend using this card.


Great secured card

After losing my job a few years ago, my credit was destroyed. Even after getting a well paying job, no one would extend me credit. Open Sky was the only card I could get. I have had it for about 18 months now and my credit has improved dramatically. They report to all three major credit bureaus every month. I have since been approved for several credit products. I am truly grateful that I was able to get an Open Sky credit card.


Take it for what it is, nothing more

If you’re rebuilding credit, these are the cards in your pool of options; secured lines of credit. I’m fine with that, and I enjoy that cards like OpenSky exist to get me on my way back to good. The only issue I have with this card, and it’s a problem that is common among all the “if you’re desperate” cards. When you make a payment, they withhold your payment, but don’t release available credit for a long period of time. Not only are you securing your card, but then upon making bank transferred payments, they hold that money in limbo for many days. This is an abundance of interest free cash on a day to day basis, they revolve through their clients. It’s dirty business practice in my opinion, and cards only one step up from this level don’t do it. So, my advice…get this card, use it and keep the balance low…don’t PAY them. Use this to have an open line, a positive pay history and LOW utilization, as in below 10% of available credit. Don’t use it any more than you have to. Use this high interest, poor customer service, never will give you a credit increase card, to get to the next step. For that reason I suggest getting it, but only that reason. It’s better than first choice bank cc…I’ll say that much, but my new Capital One entry level card is loads better AND has a credit limit increase program.


Sky’s The Limit

Open Sky put me back in the game. I opened my card with $300 and within 60 days I had 2 cards Unsecured for $400 and $600. When I started with Open Sky my Fico middle score was 530. 6 months later it is 630 with NO CREDIT REPAIR. I am now able to qualify more loans to get me back to buying Real Estate. Thanks Open Sky for the opportunity!!


Very good for reastablishing credit

This is the first card I started with since my divorce and bad credit from that marriage. Since I got this card my fico score has been climbing and a credit limit increase with no more money to put towards like when I signed up. Thank you OpenSky.



Very helpful credit card for people that dont have good credit, and starting from the bottom. Helped me get back on track building my credit!


Elkedria Richardson

Open Sky was the only card that did not do a credit check. I appreciated that because my goal has always been to improve my credit rating and it’s a secured card that allowed me to do just that. I sent in my deposit and I received my card and it has allowed me to increase my score and I will be increasing my limit soon as well. Open Sky has been very timely with reporting my payment history to the 3 major bureaus/credit reporting agencies and I continue to see increases on my score each month. THANK YOU OPEN SKY!!!


A fine option…

This card is a no frills, a very functional and essential piece of equipment and that’s it. I needed a card for business and personal travel and due to some financial reverses I was unable to use my other cards for this purpose. The application process is easy but uninviting… i had technology issues completing the process and calls to HQ were crisp and sterile. In the end all was approved and implemented. The card functions as you would expect… SEAMLESS to vendors you use it with. The payments take FOREVER to post and you do not get access to that money until it posts… so plan way ahead. This card cuts you NO slack… but is so much better than showing up at the rental car counter in London with a debit card hoping for the best!


Great Secure card to build credit

Reminders and alerts help you know what your balance is and when your payment is due based on limits that you would like to get notices on. You can make recurring scheduled payments or one time payments. Overall, well recommended. I went from 550 to 700+


Worked for me!

No problem getting this card. Application process was easy. My credit score went from 593 to 662 after about six months of paying on time despite bankruptcy still on my report. Since I have no other credit, it’s plateaued there. I’ll have to apply for another card or loan to raise my score further. But for a first card and/or trying to rebuild credit, it does work.


OpenSky Brought Us Home

We have paid everything cash over the last several years, our vehicles, bills, everything. We had absolutely no credit as a result. When we looked into a home loan we were rejected. OpenSky helped us to build a positive credit score quickly. Within six months we were approved for a loan and now enjoy raising a family in our “own” home. Thank You OpenSky!