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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Great for establishing credit

I got the card with $300 limit to start establishin my credit. Along with other things I have been doing to improve my credit, I have raised my credit score over 100 points in just 6 months. I make sure I pay the card off pretty much as soon as I use it so the high interest rate doesn’t really affect me. As others ssid, it is is nice there is no hard pull when applying for this credit card, and no bank account required. Highly recommended for establishing credit, if you have the ability to properly handle a crefit card. Please remember simply paying your minimum monthly payment, while a great start, isnt what will help your credit the most. Having unused credit available is the key.


My Credit Journey

I’m on the road to building my credit thanks to Open Sky I will be able to buy my first home soon!


Best Secured Card

I absolutely recommend this card to anyone that needs to start building their credit. Customer service is excellent and very professional. The best part is they don’t pull your credit and the minimum to get started is only $200. I am very happy with my credit card and Opensky reports very fast to the credit bureaus. If you are serious about increasing your fico score, this is one of the best ways to get started.


Totally Love my Card

I so love this card. Ive had the card for almost a year and my credit score has sky rocketed! … Thanks Opensky


Decent and straight forward…

My experience with open sky has been exactly as one would expect from a secured card. You send them your deposite and by the time your card arrives you’ll get over the anual fee and interest rate and start using your card and paying it on time. They begin reporting everything immediately! PAY ON TIME. even if you plan on sending more later, just get that minimum payment in ON TIME. After a couple months i was already getting offers for “regular” credit cards. I even got approved for a couple low balance, high interest cards. I use those and just pay them off every month so im not having to deal with those high interest rates. So thanks to this Open Sky card ive been able to establish some credit. Signing up for credit monitoring has helped me manage my credit much better because i always know what my score is and i can see what is affecting it and like to challenge myself to improving it. It also feels good to see that all three credit cards i now have show a perfect “on time” payment history for the entire time ive had them (this has always been my challenge) best of luck to you and thanks for reading my review.


This card is Great for rebuilding!

I have had this card for almost a year. You deposit $200 minimum. No hard pull on your credit report! (Pro) Especially if you’ve been shopping for credit. Customer service is very professional. This card will increase your credit score! (Con) There is a hold on your payments when your account is new for approximately 5-7 months so you’ll want to make sure that you make your payment before your due date. My payment now processes within 24-48 hours. This card has helped me to obtain other credit cards. I’m still in the process of rebuilding my credit and I would recommend this card. It’s a tool, I.e. a stepping stone to your future financial goals. I’ve read a couple reviews that they have given some people credit limit increases without an additional deposit. However, I was informed by customer service Rep that they don’t do that. So, time will tell. But over all a good card to start with!


Fee for trying to pay your bill

Tried to pay my bill on their website and the try to charge a fee of 25 dollars. You call them to fix it guess what another 10 dollars. I have yet to see if they will make it right until then u have set out to warn about this seemingly shady company that has so far just threw a bunch of fees at me for trying to pay my bill Early.



I made a small purchase that 23$ the first month I used it, they charged me 32$ just from using the card.

I paid the amount in full as soon as I got the bill. unbeknownst to me, they took the payment, then 7 days later, reversed the payment and then charged me 25$ for not taking my payment.
The next month i make another purchase, they charhed me double for my purchase, plus last month’s bill, plus all the fees AND interest. The bill was over 123$
We paid in full, again, and decided to close the account which they said we would have to wait 10 weeks for our deposit to be mailed back to us. Such a hassle. Dishonest cheats. Would not recommend.


It’s my money

It’s been a good experience and I recommend the card for rebuilding your credit I put up 500.00 and it has helped me to keep on schedual with my payments after the 2008 crash my credit was destroyed as a contractor it’s been a bit of a up hill battle but with open sky I have improved my credit score


Great for Credit Building

Open Sky Secured Credit Card has offered me the opportunity to assist in repairing my credit. I maintain a less than 10% Utilization rate on my credit card as well as make timely payments. Open Sky credit card report this information to all 3 credit bureaus each month which helps increase my credit scores. It is a great card to use especially, for credit repair.


Great card

This card helped me buy my new car!


Great card to get if you are rebuilding your credit.

I was looking to purchase a house and found that my credit score was 558 in 3 months I got OpenSky credit card paid my bill on time and my credit score jump to a 718. I was in contact it fell through but now my credit score is in the 700 and I know when the right house comes along I will be able to purchase it.


Changing my life with OpenSky

I love that I can rely on their accurate monthly reporting to all 3 credit. This give me so much control. Cannot wait to increase my limit. Thank you openly for jump starting a new credit history and restoring my hopefulness.


10 week refund???

Applied for this credit card and they took my deposit out. One month later still never received the card, so i asked for my refund. I was told it was going to take up to 10 weeks for them to send me my refund through the mail, even though I used my debit card to pay for it.


Good for Building Credit

After my divorce, I had bad credit. I had paid all my debts, but had 0 credit, and the old collection reports hadn’t fallen off. I looked at nerdwallet, and this was suggested to rebuild credit. It is secured, and I could only afford and really only needed $200 for a limit. This is a great starter card to prove you can handle credit, and my score has jumped nearly 100 points just by keeping it paid down.


Perfect for repairing your credit

Could not get approved for any card I tried to get after I filed ch7 and I had $ for a security deposit. Open Sky gives you a chance at redeeming yourself, and rewards you if you do! Then increased my limit $100 for good payment history! Online portal could be better, but customer service is great. You guys need an app! I use this card primarily for gas, stay below 30% utilization and it has really helped my credit. Definitely recommend!


Great card for sub-prime credit applicants

Overall, I’m happy with this card. Taking into consideration the kind of card it is. I would suggest this card if your out of options. However, if possible go with a real credit card…


Guy Edmonds

This. Credit card was the first one i have that established me credit i really didn’t. know. were to start but this was the card i would recommend. it to anyone. to get Opensky card to start off. Thank you.


Opensky credit card

After needing to file for Chapter 13 due to $60,000 in credit card debt due to wasteful, wild spending to have a good time & needing to help a son not working I applied for a Opensky CC. My credit rating has increased by 20 points mainly due to paying my bills on time & paying off the credit card each month.
Thank you Opensky!!


Needed Credit

As many others I found myself labelled “Bad credit” simply due to limited or no credit. Needing to build but had no opportunity’s to do so. No one would qualify me. Open sky made it easy for me to qualify. So I could take a chance on myself. I put in what at the time $500 As a security deposit and line of credit. I imeadiatly started to use the credit and make payments on time. After six months of good history my credit scores have improved. Thanks Open Sky