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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Absolutely Terrible…Real review

It takes them a week to credit your Ach payments. If you have an unauthorized charge they are clueless. I got a response back 3 months later after the fact. I have since graduated to an unsecured card. I dont even keep this card in my wallet.


Excellent Card

I have had my card for a little over a year now and I can say for a person with bad credit on need of a credit card it’s a no brainer. It raised my credit score and gave me the ability to rent cars.


Saved my score

This card was really a blessing for me. I was looking for a secured card to re build my credit and got turned down over and over again. Until open sky and it has helped me tremendously!! Thanks


Open Sky good place to start

My credit was shot, Open Sky gave me the opportunity to start to build my credit score back up, I’m up nearly 75 points, Open Sky put me back in the game.


I want to buy a home with my good credit.

This card is a navigation tool to my success as a card holder.


Post Illness, Great Card

After a several years long illness, my credit was non-existent. I eventually was able to regain my independence and Open Sky was part of my financial rebirth. I thank them for that and their ongoing support. I heartily recommend Open Sky to anyone in similar need.


Awesome Credit Card

The open sky credit card has done wonders with my credit score and it has taught me how to use and manage my credit limit responsibly. Thank You!!!


Made me able to get a mortgage to buy a home!

After 10 years of using cash only I found out that your paid off accounts disappear from your credit record after 10 years. I needed to buy a home and had nothing but two bad items on my credit report (disputed charges). The mortgage broker recommended I get a secured card and use it for 6 months. I found OpenSky and set up a $400 account with them. Six months later I was able to purchase a home with a 30 year mortgage at 3.75% interest rate. This card really does get your credit back on track. Thanks OpenSKy.


Credit Rebuilder

Open Sky helped to rebuild my credit. If used responsibly and keep the balance below 30%, it can really help keep you on track. My limit was only $200 but only bc I had an account with Capital One as well. It really doesn’t matter how much the limit is. They just want to see you using it responsibly. Just think about it…how can a lender trust you with something big if you can’t even handle something small?



Using the Opensky credit program really helped us achieve our goal in order to purchase a home. I highly recommend the Opensky credit card program.


Worth It!

Worth it for anyone trying to get their credit back on track. I’ve had no problems with open sky, and I am pleased with their services. My credit score has increased substantially in the short period of time since using them .


Credit repair

Several years ago I was injured and could not work. Because of the injury I amassed thousands in medical collections. I applied for disability from social security. It took a year and a half to be approved. It was a rough time trying to live with no income.

My credit was shot but I knew if I got several secured credit cards and made the payments on time, my score would rise.
I signed up for an Experian credit program.
That gives me constant updates on my credit profile. The news is all good, my scores have moved from a poor rating to a fair rating. I was approved for a car loan and was able to sign a lease for an apartment. As for the collection accounts, I have an attorney working for me on a resolution.
Open sky has helped me immensely, I even opened a second account.
There is hope if you are trying to improve your credit, I am very happy with the results I am getting. Thank you open sky.


Great way to establish or rebuild your credit

I’ve had my Open Sky account for about 2 years now. When I finally accepted that the only way I was going to fix my credit was with a secured card I started researching. There are so many to choose from but I finally settled on Open Sky. I had a 420 credit score (yes, really!) and $400 to open this account. I set my monthly payments to come directly from my bank account so I’ve never missed a payment. The bank reports to the credit bureau every month, as promised. I’ve not had any problems at all. Now, I have a 640 credit score and several other credit accounts with a total credit line of $18,000. I will buy my first home next year. It all started with a desire to fix my credit and an opportunity with Open Sky.


Get way for serious people

I must say this my first credit card I got when I got serious about my credit! I started with a 567 on my credit and I applied for the card and got approved I did just 200 to see if the card was really going to help and lord it did I had the card for about 9 months and just got approved for a American Express which with my credit I never thought I would get approved for one! So long story short if you serious and I mean serious about your credit open sky is a amazing way to get satarted! Score now tu 678 ex 701



worst customer service ever; worst website ever; $4 monthly charges for “statements” even if you have NEVER used the card. It is so hard to navigate to make a payment, you will NEVER want to log in to make the $4 payment for NOT EVEN USING YOUR CARD. BEWARE


Opensky transform my credit in a big way

I tried several secured credit cards before opensky. My credit score was only 600 before opensky. I even pay a 23% interest rate for Car note. Since l joined opensky my credit card is now 720. I do my best to pay each month. Now l am thinking of auto refinancing and mortgage.I have opensky to thank for my now new great credit.


Great card to help establish credit

I finally took my credit seriously and this card has helped me to build my credit score


Sure thing

Very good card


Hate it, Hate it, Hate it!!!

This company is very unprofessional, as well as the call center, made me wonder if this was a scam, they get your money, then hold it while they send you through a run around, I waited over a month for a card I never got, finally just said cancel it, and send me my money back, I would not recommend this card, it’s not worth the trouble they send you through for nothing! How is this a secured card??


Don’t Do It

You should know that this pre-paid CC unlike Capital One or Discover (which both get 5 stars from me btw) NEVER give you and increase based on you credit usage; only on how much money you send them.

The will take your deposit straight from your bank account in like 72 hrs.

When I cancelled my credit with them I am here waiting still for my money back; and it has been 4 weeks.

When I called to ask why they could take my money in 72 hrs or less; but couldn't seem to get it back to me after 4 weeks???

They proceeded to tell me it could take 10 weeks to get my money back.

They also didn't report my excellent credit usage to the burea since April 2017

Now as I mentioned B4 I also got a CapitalOne and a Discover all prepaid $200 down to all 3 cards; I have since been refunded my money from both CapitalOne and Discover as well as given a unsecured credit from both 3-6x's what I started with a yr ago; trust me when I tell you THIS COMPANY IS NOT WORTH THE TIME OR MONEY.