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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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just starting over again

i went with opensky my score is very low and a hard pull would deal another hit. i was approved quickly i made my 250 deposit. immediately after making dep got email to be on the lookout for my new card. cleared my bank in less than two days. will review again after i receive it.


just got

I just applied for this card 6/7/17 and I got it on 6/19/17 my credit score didn’t instantly increase because I applied. So I got the card set up my account and enrolled in paperless statements to avoid the 3 dollar free for a paper statement.
Everything was pretty easy to do and upon setting everything I saw i had a balance of 35 dollars which is the annual fee. So i called open sky to see if that is something i should pay now or wait. I was told by a very nice young lady to pay it now because it lessens you actual amount available to me. She also told me to make sure I pay on time and try to pay in full to avoid the interest. All and all I was so satisfied with the customer service I received. I have not had any increases as i have said but I will update later on.


Raised my credit score.

Raised my credit score the very first month. Each month it goes up a little bit more. Was able to rent a car and book hotel with it also. Acts like a regular credit card. If you have bad credit and want to improve your score, this card will do it.


Very satisfied.

I needed to rebuild my credit and I’ve never owned a credit card. Based on constant reviews search and recommendations by NerdWallet, I decided to go with the Open Sky CC. The $35 annual fee is as low as you’ll ever find. I was approved right away with my $200 security deposit. The $35 annual fee did apply right away but that was fine with me. It also came out from my available balance leaving me at $165 available. My Transunion and Equifax fico scores were reported to right away after the first month with a favorable increase because of my payment being made on time. My experience showed up with a FICO score six months later.

So far for pros I would say this card is very simple to understand and simple to pay although the best way to make a payment is through a checking account even though it’s not required. Also $35 a year is a small price to pay. The payment is posted on the same day you make it. The customer service is very nice and openly willing to give you advice.

The only con and only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars was even though your payment will post the day you make it you must keep in mind that payment will take seven days to apply back towards your available credit limit. As long as you keep that in mind you can work with that favorably.

I’m very pleased with this card as my first credit card and I am definitely seeing steady increases in my FICO credit scores so to Open Sky CC I say thank you for being such a wonderful tool for someone like me that needed to repair his credit I give you four kudos.



DO NOT GET THIS CARD! The only reason I chose THIS card is becasue they tell you that you do not need a bank account. I tried to make a payment and now they tell me I need a bank account. Then when I asked to cancel the card because I DON’T have a bank account they tell tha tthe balence must be at 0. So instead of them keeping the money I already paid them they want me to pay them again only to refund me money which can take up to TWO MONTHS. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. No response when my card took two weeks to get to me after multiple attempts in reaching them either. SAVE YOURSELF A WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY.


Quick way to boost!

My score literally jumped over 60 points after one payment made in full (not the minimum balance due). It was a huge relief! Though I must warn you,

The 1st payment was reported to the credit bureaus in an instant, and is when I seen the first big increase in my score… it only took about 5 business days after the payment processed.

Though my second payment was paid also in full (not the minimum) 2 weeks before it was due, as the first one was…and it was not reported properly to the credit bureaus. It was instead reported that i had a balance due. Which f’ing dropped my score 1/4 of the amount it had increased. I have disputed it with all 3 bureaus, no change yet (its only been 1 week) ), i contacted openskycc customer service and they said they dont know what happened because i have a zero balance and have been the oerfect customer. They directed me to contact the ( 267) main line for openskycc and dispute it with them. I am soing it as I type…because I have been on hold for a half hour smh. I just pray when someonw actually gets on the phone line with me that they fix their mistake. So far it is seemimg like it is going to be a bunch of games back and forth.

Someone finally answered. She was very helpful and explained that regardless when your bill is due, if you don’t have your payment in, even early, but nt bwfore the 30th of each month, it automatically reports your balance as due. Smh.


Worst credit card service ever. Stay away!

This is the worst credit service I have ever had, and it’s not safe. After I closed my account and received my security deposit, a transaction appeared in my account, even though the card had already expired and the account was closed. This was clearly a fraud, but instead of investigating, they put the burden on me and asked me to fill a form and dispute the charge. After a while, I got another letter saying that my account was seriously delinquent. I complained with Visa, but nothing happened. I think the only thing left is to file a police report and call the FBI. The card was expired, the account was closed and a transaction appeared in my closed account in another county and I have to prove that it wasn’t me. I don’t know what other information could be compromised. There are plenty of options out there for a secured credit card. Stay away from this!


Not with a 10 foot pole.

Do not touch with a ten foot pole. I applied for this card, which required pre-pay of deposit and annual fee, and waited for a response. By the time they told me I was approved I didn’t want the card. I told them I was not accepting the offer. The weakly tried to tell me I couldn’t have the annual fee back before I pointed out the cardholder agreement had not been accepted so I didn’t owe them any money (you have to use the account or card before the agreement is considered accepted- different companies have different things that constitute acceptance so this may not be applicable for other cards.) After I said that I was put on hold and the representative was back within a minute and apologized for the misunderstanding and said the annual fee would be refunded as I hadn’t agreed to open the card yet.

Fast forward three months- I have disputed the opened card (yes they reported it as opened anyway) in June, July, and August and the first two times they’ve told the credit reporting agency (TransUnion) I opened it. This time I disputed it with Experian to see if they pay more attention to the fact that the cardholder agreement is very explicit that I did not meet the requirements necessary for the cardholder to assume I accepted the card. I called OpenSky both times before, this time I won’t bother, I’ll just wait to see if it negatively impacts me in a real and financial way and if it does then I’ll sue in small claims court.


If I could rate it a Zero I WOULD!!!

worst customer service ever!!! Never was able to access my online account correctly to make my payments EVEN when the technician verified that all my information was correct logins and what not and still!!! Had to make payments over the phone that included a 10 dollar fee!!! WTF
Instead of correcting the problem waiving that over the phone crap they just stick it to you!! Oh and on top of that they report that shit real quick to your creditors. I know this because I have a clean record of making my payments on time and was in looking into purchasing a house and was told what they did. out of all my credit cards this was the only one that i regret ever getting EVER!!! SO PLEASE my advice do not get this card, you will regret it



This is the worst experience I have ever had. They won’t answer the phone, they did not send me a new card when mine expired and when I cancelled the card they said it would take ten weeks to refund my deposit. they have $1000.00. I should be able to charge them interest for holding my money. There are many other options out there please explore them.


decent card, they will approve when nobody else will.

I have had this card for a couple years, started with $200. You can increase your credit limit with a deposit at anytime, currently i’m at $2000.
Over the first year and a half I would say their customer service was the worst. They always seemed a little angry that they had to answer the phone.
but recently that seems to have changed and they are at least professional and polite.

As promised they will report to all 3 credit bureaus every month. It seems to be right around your payment due date. So as long as you’re paying your balance every month it will help you. If you max out the card and make minimum payments it will most likely hurt your credit score.

They used to take 5 full business days after receiving a payment to credit your account. Recently that has changed to 24 hours, which is a welcome change.

The website is slow and the UI like a website from the 90’s. It looks sketchy, if it was a store front I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable entering payment info. Yeah, it looks that sketchy. But it’s not… and they claim a new online experience is coming on 10/10/17.

If there is any fraud on your account they are not the most helpful and require a written statement signed and mailed back to them within 10 days to even start investigating. But if you fill out the form and return it on time, they will investigate and quickly refund your money. You will still be expected to make at least the minimum payment however.

They just this month gave me a $100 increase of UNSECURED credit. ooooooh. I might take the money and run. lol.

At the end of the day, this card could be your only hope at rebuilding your credit so they are dealing with the bottom of the barrel. Therefore they are strict with their policies but also keep their promises.

so it’s a decent card for anyone that can’t otherwise get one.


Please stay away from Opensky cc

Attempted to access a portion of my available cash and entered what I thought was my pin number. The pin number I entered was incorrect and my card was locked. I called Opensky and had to wait 25 minutes to reach a representative.

The representative told me my card was locked but he could unlock it if I answered the verification questions. I answered the verification questions and he then told me that everything was successful but for some reason he still could not unlock my card. He said that my card could not be unlocked because of too many attempts. He then told me I would have to wait until tomorrow for my card to be unlocked. (I’m writing this review as this situation happened 15 minutes ago)

I advised the representative that my card being locked until the next day was not an acceptable option for me. I requested to speak with someone else. He then told me he get his supervisor on the phone. I waited an additional 15 minutes, on hold, while waiting for the supervisor, and the call was disconnected. I am now on the phone waiting to speak with someone else. The customer service is of no help as of now.

Also, when you make your payment, Opensky processes the payment, however, they take up to five additional business days to make the credit available again.

I am not pleased with this card at all.


Good Luck Getting Security Deposit Back

I closed my account 45 days ago as I no longer needed. I had a security deposit of $800, which I was told would take up to 4 weeks to return. I called today (at week 5) and was told it would take up to ANOTHER 4 weeks, even though I closed account with a $0 balance! This bank is totally corrupt and will hold onto your money so they can receive interest on it. YOU receive no interest. Stay away from this card!!!


STAY away , worst card on the planet, with horrible customer service.

This has been the worst experience with almost any company, I could almost consider them a scam. They have a D- at bbb. Customer service has had me wait on the line for up to 2 hours. This card is not worth it, exhaust all options before getting this card. They will scam you, i havent even used the card and already have fees and late charges? The customer support people lie when they say they will do things. I imagine degenerates sitting in a basement when i think of this card.


Scam! Worst customer service!!!

Opened this account 3 years ago. Always made my payment on time. I made a payment about a week before they changed their website. Payment posted to account. Then a week later when I signed into their new website the payment dissappeared and they charged me a late payment fee. I was so upset because I track my credit score thru credit karma and had 100% payments made on time. I didn’t want this messing me up. They refunded the late fee but i had to resubmit the payment. I was so upset I decided to close the account which I requested on Oct 20th. They said 2-3 weeks to get my security back. After 3 weeks and no check I started calling. I swear their reps read off of que cards because it’s the same conversation every time. 4 days ago I called and asked for a manager. I was told they were busy and would call me back within an hour. 4 days later and still waiting. I called again today and was told it takes up to 4 weeks. I said it’s been over 4 weeks and shes telling me no. I told her to look at a calendar and count!!! Then she tells me it’s Saturday so I won’t be able to check on this til monday and I’ll call you back! I’m not holding my breath!!! I don’t think I will ever see a check from them. They are a SCAM!!! with the WORST customer service ever!!! Stay away from them!!!



I agree TOTALLY with all the other 1 star reviews !!!.. This card company is the absolute WORST !!! … Avoid them at all costs !!! … Do more internet searches and look for a better deal … these people are HORRIBLE ! … You have been warned !!!


Helping me reach my goal

I’ve had this card for several months now really no complaints besides after paying my bill it takes a while for it to come out of my account and I see that it does have an annual fee but I haven’t had the card long enough to have that deduct it but on the other hand I’m happy that it reports to all three credit bureau’s , no complaints besides after paying my bill it takes a while for it to come out of my account and I see that it does have annual fee but I haven’t had the card log enough to have that deduct it but on the other hand I’m happy that it reports to all three credit bureau‘s and I Was happy to find that they did not do a credit check im order for me to get the card that was really good. I have learned by paying my bill I’m full By the due date I am not charge interest at all in after reports and I use it again.


Positive Experience

I opened my account in July with a $200 deposit. I’ve kept my credit utilization under 20% each month and pay the balance off in full monthly. My score before opening the card was around 590 give or take. It’s now 731 6 months later. The card wasn’t the only factor in raising my score but it was a major factor keeping my utilization down and positive reporting monthly. I also had 2 public records fall off of my report and I paid 2 small collections and they are no longer reporting. I went with this card because I didn’t want a hard inquiry just to maybe be denied and lower my score further. I would recommend this card to anyone with poor credit that is serious about repairing their credit. Just remember just because there’s available credit on the card doesn’t mean you should use it. Keep it below 20% and pay on time and it works.


It help me

I got the card with no issues. Just remember to only spend 30%. This will help your credit usage and raise your score. My score went up 15 points in 2 months.


It helps rebuild credit

This is not a premiere card but is a card that helps rebuild your credit, there is a price to pay if we want good credit. This card has help my credit score a lot and it serves its purpose… I’m thankful for it.