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Open Sky Secured Visa Review | Nerd Wallet
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Inept. Awful attitude. Refuses to correct their own mistakes

After their website “upgrade” they sent out letters asking members to recreate their logon ID. I did so, but made a mental note that whoever did the IT “upgrade” was cheap at best; incapable at worst. Nobody “updates” by asking customers to recreate their IDs associated with their account.
I got a “finance charge” listed as 3 bucks the first couple days into the new year. I always pay my bill in full, well ahead of time. So I called. Must be a mistake - I’m OCD with my finances.
A rather vapid, unhelpful woman sneered that the finance charge was actually a “paper statement” charge. She said I should have opted out of the paper statement. I told her that I had done so long ago and to look at my account history (Wait for it)
She said I needed to re-opt out of the paper statement all over again too. I told her that was absurd. I asked her to please remove the charge, as I had not even received a paper statement in 2018 anyway, and we were 2 days in the year.
Not no but hell no. She flatly refused, saying I was far from the first person to have vehemently complained about this, but that I was still clearly at fault (??). I said "I vote with my dollars. Close this account immediately. There are no less than 25 other banks who will extend me credit that I paid for up front anyway, and they will treat me with respect. When you lay your head down tonight, remember my voice. You’ll think back to how silly a policy decision your company made.
So, I just got my refund check today for over $325. (I even overpaid my last statement.) I was going to increase this card to $750 next month and sure am glad I didn’t.
So, if you’re listening at Open Sky, the first way I took control of my finances was to leave you choking on your own dust. I don’t play games and like it much less when someone attempts to play them with me.
Any business that is this shoddy and petty should not be trusted with your money OR your personal information.
Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Great card

Needed to rebuild credit
I am now in the process of buying a house. Financing has been approved and I will be looking at 3 houses this Sunday. I have been using the card for about 3 months. Recommed it highly.


My credit is on the RISE!!!

Thanks to opensky my credit score went from 458 n 6 month to 672 just spending small only when I have to. Paying my full balance on time and opensky did what they said they do increase my credit score
Thanks Opensky.


Over the top

Opensky is what it says. I had no credit cards thinking debt free was good. Boy was I wrong. Couldn’t purchase things when I needed to finance. Got card and followed their advise. Now new home and car and credit went from very poor to 702. Thank you Opensky


It works…if you work it right

Open sky card is official if your trying to bring your score up . Got the card less than a year ago and was giving a credit increase without any additional deposit. I use the credit and pay the bill ON TIME AND IN FULL MONTHLY and yes my score has increased greatly I get monthly alerts from the credit bureau so I know it’s increasing. Pay your balance on time and in full and you will notice the difference. I got the card to add more credit history to my jacket and it works.


Thank you!!

I opened my card less than 6 months ago to increase my score to buy a house. My credit is now to the point where I’m prequalified! This card is awesome! No issues whatsoever.


Perfect card

One of the best secured card. Helped me increase my score with responsible use. Called customer service several times and they were nice and helpful. Really recommended by those with really bad credit and no credit history


Helped Improve My Credit

Just like the person reading this review, I too had bad credit and was turned down by other CC companies. I got this card and it has done nothing but help me. I have never had any issues with payment or available credit or any other complaint on here. I feel just like any bill credit. If you don’t intend on paying it on time. It’s not going to work for you.



I thank OpenSky for the opportunity to help those as well myself to achieve a goal by giving second chance to people who has or had bad credit score and trying to fix there credit score for improvement so far for myself I’ve seen some improvement in my credit science and looking forward to a better score all you need is to keep your secure credit card medium of 30% and you will see good results the most challenge is be in good standing by paying your payment on time.


Good starter card

I filed bankruptcy and nobody else would take me. I applied and sent $200 to just get started and was approved. It has helped my credit score by about 30 points. I however have only had the card 6 months and I will probably close my account within the month. $200 isn’t enough to buy anything, even a plane ticket or rent a car. I have since been approved for 3 unsecured card 1-$300, 2-$300 3-$500. At least with them I can rent a car.
This card helped me but time to collect my money back.
Get this card and close it after it helps your score some. Others will take you right away.
There is no chance to get a increase unless you have more money to give them. Why give this card more money when others will increase you without a deposit?



This card is pretty cool. It bumped my credit score up 30 points right when I opened the card. Since then with this card, making on time payments with all of my creditors, and disputing negative items, my score has increased quite a bit. One of my scores is over 800. This is a great building block to better credit. I was also able to finance the car I wanted at a little over 3% interest. My last loan was 25%. I opened with putting $300 down which gave me a $300 credit limit. I usually spend $60 (20%) and pay it off in full on time when the bill is due. They reported 20% utilization to all three bureaus. They report to the bureaus the last day of the month. I also have another secured card where I spend 10%. Download an app that gives you your real FICO score to keep track. I recommend the Experian app which gives you all three reports and real FICO scores. It’s about $9.99 a month but it’s worth it. This app allowed me to see how my secured cards were effecting my credit. It took about 10 months to go from poor/fair credit to good/exceptional credit. I didn’t just use the cards alone. You also want to make on time payments with every creditor and dispute any negative items on your report. Hope this helped. Have a good day!!!



I started this process about a year ago. I was told that having no credit may be even worse than having bad credit. My mortgage broker actually encouraged me to open up this account. I must say - BEST DECISION EVER!! My life has completely changed! I started this with a $1,000 line, I was able to use the card the right way. I was told by my broker to use it as cash~for example spend $800. In June - July my payment should be no less than $750. I continue to use this card like I was told for about 8 months. My credit went from a 580 now to a 692 within about 8 months. I’m a first time homeowner and now have 4 major credit cards to date. OpenSky I can’t thank you enough!!!


Satisfied Customer

My credit was in the low 500 and since I’ve opened an account with Open Sky witch has been less than 6 months my score has went up to in the upper 600. I would like to thank Open Sky for this opportunity and will share my success with my family and friends.


Worst card ever

I’ve had this card for four years and have never been a day late. My credit score is currently at 681 and they refuse to increase my credit limit, return my $3000 deposit or decrease the rate on the card, when I’ve proven myself worthy of all three. Prior to applying, I was told that my credit limit would be raised or they would return my deposit converting my secured card, into a regular card after a year of on time payments.


Feel more in control.

After letting myself sink into bankruptcy for the second time, I was in a financial no-man’s land for over a year. My credit score was just in limbo, going nowhere. After opening an OpenSky account, I started getting information that helped me improve my credit score. Getting regular reports and recommendations from Credit Karma makes me feel more in control of my financial future. The rules are very clear. You just have to follow them.


Terrible terrible

Customer service is terrible the card is terrible they charge you for a bill every month and even after you go online and go paperless they tell you you didn’t do it right and keep charging you three dollars every month just to get a bill worst cod worst customer service worst people on the planet


Good card needs app

Does not have app have to go online


I was denied.

I paid $200 and was denied based off my credit report. Only applied for this cause it said “no credit check” so I’m so confused,


Woke Up So Happy

I’ve been trying to move but my credit was at a 560 and realators want you to have at least a 620. So i went ahead and applied for Opensky. I deposit $500 and was approved on March 2,2018. The $35 annual fee was taken out right away. I made To purchases totaling $75. April 12 i checked my account online and there was a balance of $110 but only $35 was due not until May 13. I went ahead and paid the $35 right then And there. Today April 18 i Wakes Up To a notification from Experian saying that my score has changed. I was afraid at first because the notification icon was Red. I logged into Experian to see that Opensky was added to my credit and my score went up 49pts. I have nothing bad at all to say about this card. My plan is to never purchase more then 30% of my limit and whatever purchases i make to pay in full within a month.


Do not use!!

Horrible card. Applied with 667 credit score no collections, late payments etc. Paid a $200 deposit and only received a $200 credit line :/. Figured well I’ll use it and pay it off in full each month to get a credit line increase down the line. I used their autopay and after two month the changed their website kicking out the autopay. Didn’t even get a notification until i recieved My paper copy showing me late. Called to find out what happened. Wasn’t my fault. They requested i write In. So i did So and they still refused to remove the 30 day late from the credit bureaus. Horrible company! Do not use!