Parents put $15,000 medical bill on highschool students' credit

Parents put $15,000 medical bill on highschool students' credit
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In highschool I broke my pinky and had to have surgery on it. I had JUST turned 18 a month earlier and assumed my parents would take care of the cost. My father got the money from the insurance to pay ($14,913 and $209 I dont know why it shows up as two separate balances on my credit report) but he cashed the money and didn’t pay. So the balance was put on MY record.

I am 22 now and have just graduated college. I did not know any of this until I noticed on nerdwallet my account shows negative marks. I asked my mom why/how I had a derogatory condition on one of my accounts and she explained the information listed above. It’s been almost four years since the surgery and they still haven’t paid the balance. It says in “remarks” that the balance has been placed for collection. My mom suggested I start a dispute with experian to let them know I didn’t know about the balance until recently.

I have enough in my savings that I could pay the balance off but i would not have much in my savings afterwards. Is paying it off the right course of action? or should i try to dispute it?

Thank you!


I’m so sorry that happened to you…and I’m guessing it’s probably pointless to ask him for the money so you could pay the bill.

If that’s the case, this article on paying medical debt might be helpful: