Part Time Student Income Tax

Part Time Student Income Tax
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I am 23 years old and I am a part time student. Can my parents still clam me on this years tax returns? I work year around and make around 22000 a year…


Hi, cocacolaleague11, and welcome to the community!

Your parents may not get any benefit from claiming you as a dependent. The big tax bill Congress passed in 2017 eliminated the personal exemptions parents used to get for their kids. I think the exception may be if they’re claiming education credits for you, but let me check with a tax pro to make 100% sure of that. In the meantime, you can check out this page:


Awesome! I look forward to your response!


Hi @cocacolaleague11! Let me start by saying I am in NO way a tax expert. And when it comes to taxes, it does pay to consult an expert or use solid tax prep software. (We compare the main competitors here.)

What I can tell you is I claimed my daughter in her early 20s when she was a college student and working at the same time. My understanding is a parent can claim an adult child only if they provide half or more of the “support” for that person.

I claimed her during the years she lived at my home and I paid tuition. Her income was not used mainly for her support (she was saving to get an apartment).

Once she moved out and maintained her own household, even though I still paid tuition, I did not claim her because my contribution was less than half her living costs.

Again, you and your parents should seek qualified tax help (and also view the website). And maybe some others will chime in with their experience.


This is from Susan C. Allen, CPA AICPA Senior Manager, Tax Practice & Ethics:

Personal exemptions have gone away, so his parents won’t claim him as a dependent like they did in the past, but they may still get some tax benefits such as tax credits related to their son or education tax breaks.

So echoing what @khinson said: if your parents COULD claim you as a dependent, the best approach might be to talk to a tax pro, or at least run the numbers on both returns to see who might benefit most.


Even if I am a part time student???


Whooops! Sorry, you’re right. You’d have to be full time, and they’d have to provide more than half your support, for them to claim you.