Paying off debt as a couple

Paying off debt as a couple
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In this month’s profile, Bailey and Ray Robertson of Nashville talk about their how they budgeted as a couple while paying off more than $33k in under two years.

Do you and your partner tackle money issues together? Do you talk about it as a team or have an unspoken agreement?

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This was such an inspiring story – particularly because they did it on a relatively modest income. I especially liked this:

Ray: We truly lived like no one else. While our friends were going out to dinner, we were cooking; when they were at happy hour, we were working our second jobs; when they were buying new cars, we were budgeting every dollar to throw as much at debt as possible.

Getting ahead with money often means being willing to do the stuff other people aren’t. It really helps to have a partner who’s on board and willing to row in the same direction. :canoe: