Pen Fed Credit Union Premium Travel Rewards Review | Nerd Wallet

Pen Fed Credit Union Premium Travel Rewards Review | Nerd Wallet
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Terrible Redemption System, Even Worse Customer Support

This is a warning that the rewards offered for this card are too good to be true and the card is not worth owning. It seems like you’re getting a deal with 5x points on air travel, but you’re really getting a tiny fraction of a penny per point that you are forced to redeem only on flights (no cash back or gift card option available at all). Plus, even when you try to use the points for travel rewards, the prices on flights are outrageous (roughly $500-1000 more than on Kayak) and they actually reserve the right to change flight reward prices at any time. And I mean anytime. I was literally on the booking page, filling out my traveler information to book a flight when PenFed Rewards increase the flight 35,000!!! points and made me pay the difference. They wouldn’t honor the price that I thought I had reserved at least for the 3 minutes it takes me to fill out the booking info and, when I asked for any help at all, they basically say tough luck. No support, no respect and you only feel boxed in by the rewards. They treat you as expendable and offer you no help or even an ounce of care. Stay away. I’m canceling my card tomorrow.


Be warned!

This card is not worth the hassles. The reward of getting free visits to airport lounges after spending $15K was changed to just two free visits! Further, I’ve been waiting to get my “Lounge Club” Activation code sent to me for the past 5 months! Numerous phone calls with PenFed Customer Service results in one delay excuse after another. I can’t even get the code to use my free visits!

Save yourself the frustration and get a 1% cash back card. If you spend $15K, that’s $150 in your pocket and covers the costs of more than two visits to an airport lounge. Stay away from PenFed and this AMEX card.


Useless rewards

We have been a Penfed member for over 20 years. We saved and saved our travel rewards for a once in a lifetime trip. We booked the tickets months in advance and felt the charge for the tickets in terms of how many points were used was ridiculously high. But, they were free so we went ahead with it. Sadly, a few months before we were set to travel the area we were going to visit became dangerous and we wanted to change destinations. The credit union said we had to pay $250 per one way flight to make a change! We ended up walking away from the points and not being able to use them at all. I’m devastated and Pen Fed could care less!