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Pen Fed Credit Union
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Average is right

PenFed has decent options for credit cards and loans but only has one savings account and checking account option.

They are notorious for denying members credit and do nothing to give back to customers who are trying to keep all their banking needs in one institution. Customer loyalty should be encouraged not discouraged.


Excellent Credit Union

I have an account with them for about three years now , and I have not had any problem or issue with them. They give you free credit score and always work with me when asked. I have two credit card with and pay off a $9500 loan off with them.
Keep up with great work. Kudos!!!


Under cover racist

I applied to have my car refinanced with this bank with a credit score of 670 at the time and i was first told my interest rate would be 14.99 percent,after declining that offer i was told that my interest rate would be 6.9 which i agreed to but my notes would be $480.00 Dollars for 72 months which was alarming to me if i had an offer interest rate of what was offered to me. After going over the numbers with the loan processor he finally stated your right and stated my note would be $348.00 for 72 months and my new interest rate went to 9.1 which he could not answer me why which start sending red flags but i proceeded to agree to the terms anyway. I also applied for a credit rewards card and was declined due to me not having enough credit history that i was told where i had a 670 credit score with a 5k chase credit card on my report and a 1500k credit one card on my account as well but i stated ok!! I went to one of their branches to finalize the loan and the bank representatives stared at me the whole time giving me the impression like how did you get a loan here. l proceeded to start a conversation with the rep but she was in a hurry to get my black butt out her office like i disgusted her. I was told that once i made my first car payment i could call in any change my due date to best fit my needs on when the payment was due, i made the payment but when i called in i was placed and held on the phone for 45 minutes to be told they could only change the due date ONLY 6 days from the original date!! I am pissed to the max cause i now wish like hell i would have NOT did business with such a racist bank and that way i would not be getting this type of treatment to people i pay my hard earn money too!!! I am gonna work like hell to pay this loan off early but i will Never do business with this bank again and i am gonna insure that i tell everyone i come in contact with the experience i had!!!



In regards to my PenFed credit card:
I have had a PenFed credit card for over 10 years. I booked a flight using rewards points, but I didn’t have all the points needed so I paid the remainder of the balance. I needed to change the return flight date. To modify the flight was $235 and cancellation is non-refundable. I understood that I would lose all of my rewards points but didn’t realize the actual transaction was non-refundable. Yes, that was my misunderstanding. For weeks I was waiting for my credit. I called every week and even put in a transaction dispute to get my money back. Every single person I spoke to on the phone assured me that they were backed up but that the credit was being processed and to just be patient. One person even told me the credit was going through that day. So that means every single person I spoke to every week LIED to me! Now, 3 months later, I get a message saying that because it was non-refundable I will not be getting my money back. I feel like this is thievery. That was a lot of money to lose on a flight I never took. But regardless of all of the, I was screwed either way. Whether I modified the flight or cancelled it, I was out of a lot of money. Terrible policy to have. I am highly dissatisfied and disappointed. PenFed has lost my business and I am cancelling all accounts with them.


Used to be good

I was a member here for quite a few years, used to be a good CU, but rates have made me move about 10 CDs elsewhere over time and now customer service is terrible.

Tried to log in the other day to get statement, was locked out and sent to a page saying my browser (Opera 47) was not supported. I’m a computer geek/programmer and was surprised cause Opera is maybe the most secure browser out there.

So I also still have IE (v11) on one system and tried to log in using that and got the same page locking me out. which doesn’t mention Opera at all.

So called, busy, busy busy signal and finally got thru only to be on hold for over 15 min. so hung up.

Then sent an email about this, was told that Opera is supported (v39 and above) … mine is v47. So I replied telling them this and after 4 days never got another reply.

Called again this morning and it wasn’t hard to tell the 2 ppl I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about, asked me to send a screen shot to another email address which I will but done dealing with this CU regardless of rates.



Like: Low Fees


Website is hard to navigate and operate

Bill pay is hard to use and navigate.

App does note even have bill pay on it.

When sending messages PENFED via their website instructed "Please do not include the following characters in your message ( ) * / " What is this the 70’s?

Customer Service is terrible. Not the people but the the tools/abilities they have are not effective.

Bill pay processing is not real-time. They run your payment one day, debit your account the next, and then the receipient gets paid on the 3rd. Unlike modern systems where all takes place on same day.



If there was an option for no stars that is what i would enter! I was with Fort Belvoir Federal Credit union before it was merged into Pentagon Federal Credit Union. I have had nothing but ISSUES!. Something was always going wrong. STHF when I deposited a check that was credited to my account and then over a week later it was reversed. There was an error so the check did not go through. This made my account overdrawn and they CLOSED MY CHECKING ACCOUNT and transferred the negative balance to my savings which caused my saving to be overdrawn WTF???! I did not receive a call or anything. When my card stopped working, I called and that is when I found out. I wanted to close that as well, so after being transferred several times, I was told to transfer the money and then i can close everything out. So I made a transfer, called back, then they said the payment will be rejected because I transferred to my checking account which is no longer valid. I have to wait 3 business day until it is rejected, then make the payment to my savings. Needless to say, this is just a summary(believe it or not) I called several times, always talked to a different person, and each time received different information or wrong information. NEVER again PenFed!


Awful !

The worst customer serive ever !


Worst ever

The only thing good is their rewards for gas.
They have the worst customer service you will ever
get, and that is AFTER you spend half an hour just
dialing to get to the right dept.


Used to be great but now sad

Our first business with PenFed was a mortgage refi in October, 2009. We re-financed with them again in 2012 and 2015. In every case, both the rates and servicing were excellent. But as we approached mortgage payoff in June, 2017 they overcharged our account, and took more than two weeks to get it corrected and ready for payoff. Their rates and terms no longer seem competitive. The only business we do with them now is a credit card that rebates 5% on gasoline purchases.


great rates

they have very good rates for loans for auto purchases. hoping to use them in the near future


Very good experience

I have nothing but good things to say about this Credit Union.

The rates are good, the customer service is prompt and courteous and the responses are prompt. Would actually give all 5s but then there would be no room for improvement.


Christmas delayed!

Loyal customer to Pentagon Federal Credit Union for 35 years. They find fraud 2 weeks ago. GREAT! Refunded my stolen money! GREAT! Shut cards down! GREAT! Promised to send replacement cards out right away! GREAT! Called just now and they have no record of offering a card replacement! Promise to have cards out to me NEXT WEEK! I demanded response with Cards now! They claim they dropped the ball but can’t force the card maker to move any faster!! Looking for other Credit Union as PFCU cares less about their customers and harsh grievance files with these idiots! !



I’d had 3 car loans with them and my father as a cosigner, with excellent payment history and early payoffs too. When I attempted to get a vehicle and the loan under myself ONLY and without my dad cosigning, I was denied. So I cancelled all my banking with them 5 years ago, and will not ever bank there again… just leaving account open for the sake of whatever.


Awesome for Loans

I first used this credit union due to their rates for used car loans.At that time my credit was not stellar but they gave me a prime rate. My credit is now better and they have given me the lowest mortgage rate I have found. The app is a little clunky compared to USAA and the customer service is not quite as good, but the rates are better. YMMV


Overall experience is great

I’ve been a member for a year. I’ve never had any issue calling or emailing customer service. The iOS app needs a major overhaul. I’ve had a lot of trouble with it and it does not support Touch-ID still. (Seriously?). If you dont use a “Dot” pattern to login you will always need your password and it does not as of yet integrate with iOS Keychain like some apps do. Nor does this app or bank do 2FA as of the date of this review. Could be better APP/account security but web based use - its not bad actually. I’m sure they need to balance use and security. But offer enhanced options and let the customer decide what level of security they feel they need.

Today I called in to do a product change from one credit card to another (for higher rewards) and while it did take some time, not only did they do what I requested but they also added another $5k to my credit line on the new card.

Fix/overhaul/improve security in the app and we have a great Credit Union setup here.



They denied me a car refinancing & a credit card 6 yrs ago. Just applied for the 2% cashback card & was denied with a 724 credit score! What is the purpose of this credit union?


Great Credit Union

I have been a member at PenFed for 15 years. I love their customer service with one negative… Their mortgage department is very hard to work with. All of my accounts and loans are with PenFed and I’m staying with them for life. One more thing… they need to update mobile apps and online banking more often.


Find another credit union

Most complicated people ive had to deal with. Trying to pay my car payment and they are making everything complicated. Also $1 fee to send a paper bill to me. Ridiculous